Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Disney souvenir that lasts forever........

There are many ways to keep Disney alive when not in a park. I for one have a Disney kitchen, bathroom, quilt and pillows on my bed, purses, backpacks, shirts, phone covers and lots of other little tidbits here and there. But I must say my absolute favorite Disney reminders are something I can never get rid of, my Disney tattoos. I got my first tattoo at the age of 16 on my calf, it's a sun that has no meaning to me but I wanted a tattoo and my parents said yes and so I got it. Then I got another one on my lower back.  I have another tattoo under my neck and then three stars n my foot that are colored in with my kiddos birthstones, and my hubby's initials on my hand.  I love all my tattoos, except my sun, and feel like each of them show a bit of me and my personality.  About a year ago I wanted a new one but I wanted it to be very special, I knew I wanted something Disney, because Disney to me means hope, love, dreams and all that is good in the world.  People who have Disney in their soul instantly understand this!  I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. I started looking at "Sleeping Beauty" tattoos because that is my favorite movie and princess but nothing stood out to me. I knew I wanted a saying, but wasn't sure which one.  I did some research on placement and decided the inside of my arm.  I found the quote "If you can dream it, you can do it!"  Oh Walt... I mean really has anyone had a better way of explaining life?! It was perfect and I knew that's what I wanted!  I printed it out in the Disney font and took it to the artist and it is perfect!!  It inspires me daily. I have been at the gym and wanted to stop lifting and looked at my arm and had such inspiration that I did two more reps!  

After that tattoo I was ready for more. It made me so happy to have it, and couldn't wait for another, but once again I didn't want something "just because", I want it to mean something to me.  I looked on Pinterest and found a Mickey and Minnie outline on the wrist and fell in love again!  I love the idea of having a Mickey and Minnie because they are Disney!  I look at my wrist and smile!  

So here is my question for you: If you have a Disney tattoo, what made you get what you have?  What about that character or saying touched you personally that you wanted to have it with you?  How long did you wait before you got it?  Do you want more?  For me it is having that magic with me all the time. Disney is joy and magic and dreams!  I have seen an "Alice in Wonderland" arm sleeve I adore but am not sure I can pull of a sleeve. One time in the park my husband and I saw a man with the princesses all over his leg. I have seen millions of "Nightmare before Christmas" tattoos and love them all, but there are certain stories or phrases that mean more to me and I tend to lean towards those. 

So now I am on to my third Disney tattoo. I know exactly what and where I am getting it.  My appointment is set and I have just a few weeks till I get it.  I am going to keep it a secret for now, but promise to share as soon as it is done!  

Disney kisses and magic to all!!

Love, April 

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  1. Amazing, great work for tattoos.. I am sure the kids are liked the tattoos work.. really you are very thoughtful.. my daughter is really a big fan of Micky and Minnie mouse.. I think your artiste are awesome artiste.. I like your tattoos work, Keep it up.. :D :D