Monday, August 12, 2013

Disney College Program Part 8: Packing!

Not too long now, it’s almost time to move! 


So you’ve got everything gathered and you’ve only got a few weeks or days left. Now what? Packing of course!! 
If you search out there you will find PLENTY of lists of things that you can bring on the DCP. I used these when planning my packing, so I unfortunately do not have my own list for you. However I will highlight a few of the very important things I’ve been told to bring and why.

Listed on Disney’s website, it’s important to bring a Photo ID, personal items for the bathroom, and prescriptions, professional clothing, personal items to decorate your apartment, and electronics such as a TV, Toaster, Coffee Maker, etc. It’s also important to bring money with you because your paycheck will not be enough until about your third week. Also make sure to check out the policy on vehicles, the medical insurance info, and possible renters insurance. 

Some things you CANNOT bring with you are: Pets, Bicycles, Mini-fridges, candles, weapons of any type (including light sabers, yes), Hookah Pipes or Drug Paraphernalia. 

My list:

The apartments are equipped with things such pots and pans, utensils, a microwave, and other useful items; however it’s a good idea to bring some of your own since it’s possible that what is provided is not usable, or could possibly be missing. As I am packing I am making sure to bring dishtowels, extra utensils, as well as a lot of Tupperware to store foods or use in my lunchbox to work. I will also be bringing the blender and coffee pot while another roommate is bringing a toaster. If you can find some coupons at home, pick up a few necessary items for cheap like dish soap, hand soap, cleaning supplies, febreeze, and anything else you may need the first day. 

For the bedroom it is HIGHLY recommended to bring a Mattress Pad. The beds there are said to be extremely hard and uncomfortable. Also make sure to bring sheets and a comforter as these are not provided. Something else that may be helpful are bed risers so that you can fit more of your things underneath your bed and save space. The closets also have lockers, so a lock may be a good idea if you have something of importance you need put away while you are gone. There will be a corkboard for each CPer so bring photos of your family or items you care about to hang up. Also, bring as many stuffed animals as you want to keep you company!

For the bathroom, you will probably need to collaborate more with your roommate. Shower Curtains and rugs will need to be bought. I am bringing an over the door hanger so that we can stuff our hair supplies and shampoo in it so the shower stays uncluttered. Bring towels and washcloths as well as toothpaste and all your regular personal care items. 

Of course, most of these things can be bought while in Florida. Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Downtown Disney are all within a few miles of the apartments and you will have plenty of time to shop the day of and after check-in. Therefore if you are flying and can’t bring as much, don’t sweat it. It may be expensive however, so if you are driving I recommend bringing as much as you can that you’d usually have to buy. 


Highly debated, most CPers say that you do not need as many clothes as you think you do. Make sure you have a few professional outfits for traditions and training for sure, as well as pajamas and some park clothes. You spend a lot of time working so you and your costume will be tight. I will bring a few pairs of jeans and sweaters for winter and some shorts and t-shirts for the parks. As hot and humid as it is, I don’t plan on trying to get too dressed up for my days off so running shorts and t-shirts/tank tops will be my go to item of choice. 

Doing laundry is also a pain at $1 a wash and a $1 a load, so a hint for those, like me, who wash everything after one wear: If your pajamas aren’t dirty don’t wash them. Same goes for your regular clothes. If you sit around your apartment all day in a t-shirt and shorts, don’t worry about it. Save your money and wear them again, nobody is going to care! 

This is only a bit of what you can/should/should not pack, obviously. This goes very in-depth and as I mentioned, you should do a quick search and you will have plenty of lists at your disposal to go through at your convenience. Happy packing!

This is part 7 of my DCP Adventure Series. I checked-in as a merchandise cast member at Walt Disney World on August 5th, 2013. My next post will be about the new DORMS system!

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