Monday, August 5, 2013

Disney College Program Part 7: Prepare for your Arrival!

I’m back again! This time I’d like to focus on the next step of the DCP, the New Hire Paperwork and Preparing for your Arrival! 

New Hire Paperwork: 

About 15-30 days before your arrival date, you will have to fill out your New Hire Paperwork so that you can officially become a Cast Member! A little word of advice: DON’T freak out if everyone is receiving it but you have not been emailed yet. Disney is a professional company that has been doing this program for years. They have not forgotten you, they are not letting you go, it’s okay. Be patient, it will come. 

You will receive two different emails, one with your User ID (which will have been given to you in previous emails as well) and one with your password. They will also send you a link to the new recruitment page. From there, you will need to read the information that they give you and sign and submit each one. 

The first section will give you a video about your new Cast Member status and some information, then you can move on to the next page. Here you will set up your direct deposits and other general information. You will then create your signature and move on to forms which link you to policy books and other agreements. Make sure your adobe reader is updated! I personally had to download each form and open it on adobe reader through my software off the website before it would give me a sign and submit button. However once you do this, all you need to do is read through and click the button. It may give you an error, but as long as the form says completed on the website, you’ve done it! 

Words of Wisdom: Some of these forms and booklets and policies are LONG.  One has around 100 pages and outlines CM policies; others outline costuming information. At least skim through each one, and ones you find most important make sure to read. Costuming is not a very long document and would be a great one to read; while the policy book is important to get a sense of the company so make sure and stop at sections that may pertain to you or you feel are important. 

Once they all say completed, you are finished, congratulations!! You’re nearly there! It may take you an hour to do the paperwork if you want to be careful and make sure you get everything right, but overall it is an easy task.

Prepare for Your Arrival:

Within the same timespan you will receive a Prepare for your Arrival email. Some received it before their new hire paper work, some (like me) received it after. This is a reminder to fill out all your necessary documents, pack, and get ready to see Mickey! They also link you to the onboarding website so you have the information on what to bring.

Important documents include Medical and Religious Accomodations, Vehicle Documentation, Canceled Check (for direct deposit), etc. You will also need to bring your I-9 documents that includes a US Passport or an ID + a Social Security Card/birth certificate. All of this info and lists can be found on the onboarding website.  

This is part 7 of my DCP Adventure Series. I check-in as a merchandise cast member at Walt Disney World on August 5th, 2013. My next post will be about  packing!

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