Thursday, August 22, 2013

Animal Kingdom's Wilderness Explorer Game Review

I could not wait till June to go to Animal Kingdom to play the new Wilderness Explorer game.

This game makes you feel like Russell from the movie UP. You go around the entire park earning badges, just like Russell does in UP. The game is geared toward the 7-10 yr old crowd, though we saw many adults signing up to play. This game is free, it's included in your admission to the park.

 You begin the game by finding the Troop Leader. The easiest one to find is located on your right as you are going over the Oasis Bridge on the way to the Tree of Life. You will see the booth and your ever so happy Troop leader awaiting your arrival. This is where you will sign up. You will get your Explorer sticker and take the pledge. You will earn your first badge here. You are also given your field guide and a pencil to start your exploration.

 You are now on your way to earn the other 30 badges! Each area for a badge has you doing and learning something about animals. You have a 40 page field guide to help you out. You will need to bring this with you to get your badges and write down your clues. Each area has you learning about something different. It could be as simple as drawing stripes on the tiger, to word scrambles, to riding a ride.

 I loved it, it was totally spread out into every area of the park. It took us to every corner. I thought being an adult it would be just one of those kid things, but even I learned a lot. I loved how the cast members tested the kids, and they actually had the kids learning something. 

 You are not timed in this game. You can always come back the next day or the next time you visit, which was also nice. It was not like the other games in the other parks, you get to talk to actual people and learn about the real lives of the animals. 

 Here are a few pictures of the kids starting their journey and some pics of the field guide.

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