Monday, July 8, 2013

Pamper Me! Mandara Spa at the Swan and Dolphin

My husband and I had our first ever massage while honeymooning on a Disney Cruise and it was fantastic!  I would never have pegged him for a spa guy, but that day changed our lives.  We like to get couples massages about twice a year, usually for special occasions.  I took advantage for Father's Day this year and treated my hubby to couples massage at the Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel.

Making reservations was super simple.  The woman I spoke with was very patient with all my questions about treatments and pricing.  I ended up booking the Couples Retreat Ritual - 80 minutes for $310.  A standard couples massage is 50 minutes for $270, so you get 30 minutes in a private jacuzzi tub for $40 more.  Sounds great, sign me up!

Locker room
We checked in about 15 minutes prior to our treatment time and were escorted to the locker rooms for changing.  The locker rooms have a changing area, bathrooms, showers and a sauna, which was under refurbishment when I went.  Every counter top had complimentary amenities, such as disposable razors, Q-tips, combs, hair product, shower caps, lotions and even tampons.  Each shower stall had delicious smelling shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  

After changing into a robe and slippers, I met my husband in one of the relaxation rooms.  It was beautiful!  Citrus water was available to us as well as hot tea.  We were then moved to a second relaxation room which was even more beautiful!  Soothing music played as we sipped our fresh citrus water and waited for our jacuzzi tub to be ready.
First relaxation room
Second relaxation room

Second relaxation room

Bath essence

We were taken into our private room where our tub was waiting for us.  We picked out a "bath essence" for the water, so the room smelled like paradise.  We relaxed for about 40 minutes in the bubbled tub before we heard the knock on the door to move into the massage room.  

When I booked on the phone, I was given the option of male or female masseuses.  It is entirely your preference, we prefer females.  (Nothing against the men, they do a great job!)  Couples massages are typically full body massages, which consists of the head, back, arms legs and feet.  (I had the option of a hot stone massage on the Disney Dream which was heaven!)  If it's your first time, don't be shy if you would like more or less pressure.  My husband told me afterwards that his massage wasn't that deep, but he didn't speak up and tell her.  On the other hand, I was feeling a little bruised the next day, but felt great!

We were given access to use the facilities as long as we wanted afterwards, so we sat in the relaxation room for a little while before heading into our locker rooms.  I enjoyed the rain shower, however, it was right in the middle of the stall, so I had to hover in the corner while I lathered up my hair.  Other than that, it was great!

One of the things I loved about this massage experience was that there was no pressure to purchase additional products at the end.  Every other massage I've had has high pressure sales afterwards and I really appreciated not having to say no this time. 

Mandara Spa has a plethora of treatments to choose from.  Massages are just the tip of the ice berg.  (Brazilion wax anyone?)

Spa experiences can be pricey, but guess what?  They accept gift cards, which you can purchase at your local drug store or grocery store and they never expire.  I was able to pay for half of my bill with gift cards that I had been given over the past 2 years.

Need a little pampering while on your Disney vacation?  I highly recommend the Mandara Spa!


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