Monday, July 22, 2013

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios

So the story goes like this. It began in Arkansas in 1986. Jennings Osborne did his whole large house with lights for his daughter Breezy's Christmas wish. Each year he added... and added. Well, after he got to about 1 million lights it caused so much traffic that his neighbors actually sued him. Well Mickey heard about this and offered to transport his whole collection to Walt Disney World in 1995. Since then Disney has added many more lights and displays along with dimmers, and choreographed the display to a musical score which creates quite the amazing experience!

Seeing the lights is an awe inspiring thing to do. It is included with your general admission to Hollywood Studios. This year you can see this light show from November 8th, through the first few days in January 2013.

 You will want to make your way to the Back Lot Streets of America around 5:45. You will see the street start to fill up with people, and around 6pm the announcement is made...

 "Welcome to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights". Have your cameras ready to catch this fast moving, crazy parade of over 5 million lights 360 degrees around you!  The show lasts around 10 minutes. The lights flash and dance like crazy to some really cool Christmas songs. Every inch of the buildings, and even some everyday items, are draped in lights.

 As you look all around be sure to see the fantastic array of what looks like hundreds of angels fluttering in the sky. Sadly Mr. Osborne passed away in 2011, but be sure to look for the white angel, in memory of him.

 Be sure to go underneath the light canopy as the lights dance all over and above you. Also, Don't forget to look for some Easter eggs too.. no not real easter eggs, easter eggs are hidden things that the normal person wouldn't know to look for or notice. It's something they added, so don't just walk right through, spend some time looking at each section and discover some "hidden gems". One of the best things to look for is the purple cat. Mr. Osborne accidentally sent a Halloween decoration with all the Christmas ones, and Disney puts it in a different spot each year. Try and find the lighted BBQ grill, the snowman on the phone, Jack Skellington, and also the many hidden Mickeys that are all over!

 This is certainly one of those things you're not going to want miss this Holiday season!!!

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