Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I know, it's only July, who is thinking of Christmas already? Well, you are if you are someone who likes to plan ahead, which I totally recommend doing for this party. The closer to Christmas it gets, the more it fills up. Are you thinking of going to the party this year, or have never been? Are you wondering if its worth the money? Then this article is for you!

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party will be held on various days this year from November 8th-December 20th 2013. Ticket prices vary from night to night, and some are called premium nights, which are more expensive; but there are various discounts available such as Passholder discounts etc.

So, what can one expect when they enter the gates? Well, your ticket will say 7pm. well that is true, but the gates open approximately 4pm, so you can enjoy 3 hours of fun before the party to get in a nice meal, or go on some rides before the party gets started.

Once it is 7pm, the special festivities will begin. The first question I get asked is how do they tell regular Park goers from from party people in the park? Th park closes early on these nights, about 6pm usually. At that time they begin to usher the regular park goers out of the park. They have lighted wands and ask to see your "party" bracelets, which you will be given by showing your party ticket either as you enter or at specific locations near the entrance to the park. After 7pm, you will not be allowed to go on any rides, or see shows, withought a bracelet on. The CM's do a pretty good job about ushering non party people out at park closing.

As you enter onto Main Street you will see the beautiful swags of decorations hanging over the Street, Main street is totally decked out in Christmas cheer!

So, what is there to do from 7pm-12am? Well, the first thing you're going to want to do around 6:45 pm, is to stand in front of the castle. They do a small show, and all of a sudden the castle is transformed before your eyes into what looks like pretty blue/purple icicles falling off the castle.This is so pretty to see in  person. 

Next your will want to check you itinerary on what times the things are going on. There are two dance parties going on, where you can shake your tail feather with some Disney characters! Or you can catch the Christmas shows like A Totally Tomorrow land Christmas. Do you love Buzz, Mike W. and Stitch? Then you will not want to miss this show and see where Stitch's mission goes!

Celebrate the Season show is Disney's version of the Nutcracker, you will see Mickey give Minnie her present.

During the party don't forget to go to any one of the free spots where you can get free cookies and hot cocoa. Just remember that cocoa is hot (some watering down may be needed). For those who can't have that they also offer apple juice, and apple slices. If  you ask, I also believe they had sugar free options too for those who would like that. You do have to ask though for special items. These locations have signage and will be marked on the map you are given when you enter that outlines the show times and other special "Party happenings".

During the night some of the characters are in dressed in their Christmas best, but be early in those lines, they can get very long. 

There are usually two parades during this time. If you can skip the first parade, try to sneak a few rides in, or enjoy some more cookies and then catch the second parade it will be less crowded!

The parade is awesome! My favorite part is the toy soldiers. You can hear them coming as they sound like real wood hitting the ground. The other part is the smell, yes, this parade smells (in a good way)!!! Don't forget if you can make it down to Main Street, you will see snow, it is soo cool to see snow falling, and the characters and floats coming down... it's soo magical!

Holiday music can be heard all throughout the park all night long.

The best part of the night is Holiday Wishes. You will want to get to your spot at least 45 minutes early for this. You will not want to miss the special Christmas songs; it will definitely bring a tear to your eye. Snuggle up with your loved ones, sit back to hear the Christmas songs and see the fantastic fireworks in the sky going off to them!

Free cookies, and hot cocoa

Ice Castle

    Castle Projections during MVMCP

 Characters all dressed up to meet you!

                     Santa's arrival at the Parade!
                                                                                        Toy Soldiers on parade!