Monday, June 3, 2013

Typhoon Lagoon's Shark Reef PLUS Giveaway!

One of my favorite attractions at Typhoon Lagoon is Shark Reef, where you can actually swim along with the sharks.  Oh yes, no glass barrier.  It's you and nature, well, Disney-made nature.

I rarely get to experience this attraction because my kids are too little, but my husband and I had an adult-only day at the water park and rode EVERYTHING we could!

Shark Reef is a free attraction where you get to snorkel in the 68 degree saltwater and view some amazing sea life.  68 degrees is pretty cold and takes a quick minute to get used to.  Start off by grabbing a snorkel and mask (and a life jacket if needed), then head to the line.  It can get pretty crowded in the summer, but it is totally worth the wait.  When it's your turn to go, you get in the *cold* water, wait on the platform until you are ready and then float along in one direction in the lagoon.  You go at your own pace, which is slow for me because I like to see everything.  The fish get pretty darn close to you.  At one point, something touched my leg and gave me a mini heart attack.  Turns out, it was just a lady floating next to me that got a little too close.
Pick up location for your mask and goggles
I brought my underwater camera and snapped some photos of what you can see in this experience.
At the starting point

This is looking forward from the starting point

My hubby

We found Dory!

I think it is so cool that something like this exists at Walt Disney World!  This is definitely one of my top "must-do" attractions while visiting Typhoon Lagoon.

Time for the giveaway!  I have two Surf Boxes that one lucky reader will win.  These are rubber sealed containers that will keep your money and credit cards dry while you head out in the water.  One is red, the other is pink and they both have the Disney Water Parks logo on them.  I will even throw in a park map!  Enter to win and good luck!

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  1. How do you enter??? We are taking our boys for the first time to the shark reef in Sept. In the past they were too little too!

    1. Hi! Head on over to the Addicted to Mickey Facebook page and enter under the Giveaway tab at the top. :D