Friday, June 28, 2013

Foodie Friday- Yak and Yeti Counter Service

   I have been waiting for months to eat at Yak and Yeti's counter service. We finally got the chance! Located across from the Kali River Rapids in Asia is a cute little eating place. There is an eat in, sit down, and an outdoor counter service offered in this area.  The lines were really short and we found an empty place to sit. There isn't much seating out of the sunlight, but we braved it.

 We ordered our food and it came in cute little take out boxes, like you get at the average Chinese restaurant. These were all jam packed, and had to weigh a few pounds each! The boxes were layered with chicken and rice, and piping hot. This was the first counter service meal that I actually had to wait to eat because it was so hot. I loved it... it was so much food! My husband finished his, but this could have easily been shared between 2 people. They were $9.99 each. I got Sweet and Sour and my husband got Honey chicken. There was plenty of sauce to go around. It was a perfect meal.

 They had a cute pond looking area which my younger son loved sitting by watching the mini waterfall. It was very calming to sit by.

 The food was priced nicely and they had several different things to choose from.

Here are a few pictures of our food...

                                          kids chicken strip meal..

                                         covered with sweet and sour sauce...

Have you tried this Quick Serve location yet? If not, you may want to try it on your next visit to the Animal Kingdom park!

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  1. I haven't tried the take out here yet but if it tastes anything like their table service...YUM!
    Looks great! Definitely on my to-do list for our Oct. trip!