Friday, June 14, 2013

Foodie Friday- Healthy Choices at Disney

You’re lacing up your shoes and hitting the road, walking 3 miles or more a day. You’re forgoing the sweets and staying on your feet most of the day. You’re 2 months away from your vacation but you’re determined to wear that new swimsuit you bought at the pool or maybe you’re ready to hit the parks and spend an entire day on your feet without becoming exhausted. 
Does this sound like you? Not surprising! A ton of vacationers are getting motivated by their upcoming Disney trips to get in shape, whether for life or just for this special occasion! Most of us know that a ton of walking is involved and we know that healthy eating and moderate exercise will certainly help us reach our goals by the time our travel dates come around, but what about while on vacation?
Some of you may think, “This is a vacation! I’m going to eat whatever I want! I will walk it off anyway!”. That may be true for some, but what about you who are dedicated to your exercise and healthy eating? I have some tips for you! 

The following is a list of resorts that have their very own gyms for resort guests. You’re going to be getting up early to hit the parks, why not get up 30 minutes earlier and lift some weights, ride a stationary bike, or use the machines:

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Coronado Springs
Old Key West
Grand Floridian
Saratoga Springs
Wilderness Lodge and Villas
Yacht and Beach Club and Villas 

The minimum age to use the gym is 14, but those kids from 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are on vacation and are staying at a different resort, you may pay $12 a day to use the fitness center at these resorts. However, there are plenty of ways to get your workout in without paying extra! 

So, what about the other resorts? Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, French Quarter, and almost every resort have beautiful scenery and paths for runners and walkers. I went out one morning at Caribbean Beach for a run and enjoyed it immensely. You may not have seen them when you were there, but I have seen a ton of runners in the early morning and late night hitting the sidewalk. If running or walking isn’t your thing, print off a couple of workout sheets that use everyday items or your own body as a weight and bring them with you. Push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, maybe even weight lifting your suitcase!  There is always a way to work out without needing equipment.

So, you’ve gotten in your workout and you’re at the parks and your stomach is growling. Now what? There’s funnel cakes, hamburgers, ice cream, the choices! For those who are dedicated, looking at the menu and planning out your meals is going to be your best bet. For those who are suddenly hungry, there are many carts around all the parks that offer fresh fruit as an alternative to fries or ice cream. If you’re not sure what is the healthiest thing to eat, ask the server or take your best guess. You can probably tell that a salad, veggie burger, or yogurt is probably better than other greasy choices like pizza. Some other tips include:

  • ·         Order appetizers as entrees if you know you’re not that hungry
  • ·         Order one dessert and share it
  • ·         Order veggies, pitas, hummus, or fresh foods
  • ·         Stay hydrated with water!
  • ·         Order sauces on the side and ask if you can forgo the butter
  • ·         Take half of your entrée back to your hotel fridge in a to-go box (depending on if you’re heading to your hotel right after your meal)

So, what do you do to get in shape and stay healthy for Disney? Do you think Disney is a time to indulge or are you still vigilant about staying healthy while visiting the mouse?

Meals in order: 1. Create-your-own salad chicken at Pop Century food court.  2. Orange Sesame Glazed Vegan Chick'n Chunks with Stir Fry Noodles from Sunshine Seasons. 3. Snacks from the fridge at Art of Animation. 4. Lighthouse Hummus Sandwich at Columbia Harbour House (order apples instead of chips for healthier choice!) 5. Quinoa salad - With Green Beans, potatoes, Olives,Roasted Bell Peppers, Golden Beets and Tomatoes at Be Our Guest. 6. Snacks found in the fridge at Art of Animation. 7. Vegetarian Platter - Served with tangierine couscous salad, hummus and tabouleh. 8. More snacks found at Art of Animation!

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I always struggle to find good options when I'm in Disney!