Monday, June 17, 2013

Disneyland Vs. Walt Disney World: Rides Edition!!

   Growing up in California, I was a Disneyland baby. When someone says they are going to Disney, that is where I think of.  I did visit Walt Disney World once in my teens with my parents but DL was home.  All that changed when we were stationed in Hawaii. I met people who's Disney home was WDW and they would tell me how wonderful their home was.  I couldn't wait to go!!  So in all my research I came across a blog comparing the two, and now that I have been to both I wanted to give my thoughts as well.  This blog is going to be dedicated to the rides that are at both parks, so here we go!!

Pirates of Caribbean:  The line is better at WDW but I give the ride to DL.  The overall feeling of the ride is the same and no matter which one you ride you would feel as though you were ready to buy a wench.   DL wins because nothing can beat starting off in the bayou and seeing the Blue Bayou Restaurant, which everyone should eat at once, and then seeing the old man on his porch rocking. We have always called this old man my grandma's boyfriend!  Seeing the fireflies and hearing the crickets before seeing all the skeletons and getting warned by the skeleton head to beware and that "dead me tell no tales".  It is just that amazing Disney magic that makes everything special, that I grew up with and missed on the ride in WDW.

The Jungle Cruise:  Pretty much the same, I liked WDW better because of going through the enclosed area and seeing the tiger and his glowing eyes. They share many of the same jokes, but the truth about this ride is that your skipper makes this ride and as long as they are fun then this ride is amazing!!

Small World:  Sorry WDW, this made me actually sad to ride.  At DL it is a huge staple of the park. There are shows on the outside at night, the clock tower is a huge event, it is just one of the rides you can't wait to see, as iconic as seeing the castle!  Also the ride itself is better in DL, especially since they added Disney characters, it makes it so much fun trying to find them!

Splash Mountain:  I actually liked this ride better at WDW!  There were a few added scenes that I loved and I really liked sitting next to one of my family members.  There is a scene at DL right before the drop with a different song that we missed a bit but didn't really make a huge difference to me.

Space Mountain:  Could not tell a difference, you are in the dark going in circles and if you are like me you are laughing hysterically at your kiddos screaming their heads off! 

Peter Pan:  There are differences but the truth is as long as they keep you going over London and you can see the little cars and buildings I could care less!  This ride is pure magic, nothing else can be said about it and I love it at both parks, I enjoyed seeing the differences at WDW and would say this ride is perfect at both parks!!

The Haunted Mansion:  I have to say again I can't say one is better than the other, the line at WDW is better, so fun for the kiddos, and adults, to interact with the fun things there.  The ride does have a few differences and I adored them, seeing ghost footprints show up on stairs above your head was so neat and the library.  Once again I have to say this ride is perfect at both parks and is best to just enjoy them!!

Star Tours:  The ride is the same but WDW wins this hand down because of the props outside of the ride.  Any Star Wars nerd like myself will be in heaven and feel like they are in Endor.  I was such a happy girl!! 

Tower of Terror:  So I have to be honest and say I hate this ride at either park because of the drop and spend the whole ride stressed out about it and miss most of the ride.  But I make us all ride it once to get the picture.  So I think I liked the actual story part more in WDW, I know we went through a room with mirrors or something and I thought that was so great but just kept worrying about the drop!  Then the drops happened and they were nothing, so for me WDW wins but if you want the better drop go to DL!

Big Thunder Railroad:  Basically the same, better line at WDW, but once agian great at both! 

There are more rides that both parks have such as Ariel, Toy Story Mania, The Muppet's, Buzz Lightyear but these rides are all basically the same. The only gripe I have is that you can't pick your laser gun up on Buzz and that really lowered my score!  The truth is I think which ever park you go to first is going to be your Disney home but to compare the two is to compare apples and oranges and the truth is if you are truly a Disney dork as myself you are going to Disney to leave reality behind and to add a little magic into your life, and you don't care about the differences! You are just enjoying being there and not having to be an adult for your time there!! 

Mouse hugs to all!! 

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  1. And as a side note; we must give due credit to the rides of yesteryear that used to grace us at the parks. WDW used to have Mr Toads Wild Ride, Snow White's Adventure as well as the Submarines until recently - we must say goodbye and we remember you in our hearts - good thing they are still at Disneyland :)