Thursday, June 6, 2013

Disney'd Out- What to Wear?

    Every time we plan a Disney trip, which is our only real vacation spot, the real trouble begins. What will the family wear?  I know that we could go and have just as much fun if we were not all in a Disney themed shirt but the thought of that actually hurts my heart.  Luckily, we only have one girl, because otherwise the budget on our clothes would be insane! First off I never worry about jackets.  Our tradition is to buy new sweatshirts and jackets as soon as we get there.   For my husband and boys, ages 11 and 5, I usually just buy from The Disney Store and Old Navy.  I have also found cute Disney shirts at Target and I know Wal-Mart has some also.  I have purchased a few for the boys from Etsy as well , but it is hard once they get older to find age appropriate ones for them. I  purchased my youngest son's birthday shirt off of Etsy to wear on our trip, which of course was Disney themed!  I like to have at least one day where my two boys match, on our last trip my hubby matched also.    I have bought some shirts for me from Target and Old Navy as well, but my favorite ones are from Forever 21 and Hot Topic. These literally made me squeal with joy when I found them!  Forever 21 has great prices and they were really different from what I have seen before and I found one of my favorite Disney shirts ever from Hot Topic which was one of Ariel and Prince Eric. 
    My daughter is a different story. Oh the fun I have getting her outfits together for a Disney trip!  Luckily my daughter is nothing but girl and loves to dress up so she is all for it.  I always know that my daughter will be dressing up a couple times during our trip in some sort of costume.    I have ordered many of her dresses off of Etsy and on our last trip had dresses custom made for her by Where the Magic Begins, they were amazing and had so many compliments.  My daughter does wear regular shirts but I always make sure and have accessories that match.  I always buy my bows from a shop called Lil Miss Sassy Boutique, they are amazing and have made me custom  bows for each of our trips, both of these shops are on Facebook.  On our last trip, I had a pirate skirt made for the day that my daughter would become a pirate at Pirate's League.  One of my biggest tips to pass on is to look on Ebay as well. I found an outfit on Etsy for about $80, so cute but crazy!   I found the petty skirt on Ebay for $9, never been wore and was able to find the shirt on Etsy for $20, so don't buy the first one you find, bargain shop!  If you are able to make it yourself, that is awesome and the cheapest option, but I am not crafty enough :(.    Once again, I say I don't think you have to go to Disney decked out but it is part of our tradition and it makes me feel like I am part of the magic while there.  Right now I am planning our next round of outfits but having even more fun because we are going for the Halloween party so the whole family will be in costumes!  Our plan is Peter Pan, my oldest son is not super excited about wearing a "nightgown" as he calls it but my husband seems way to excited to wear tights!  Does your family go  Disney'd out or do you wear your regular clothes?  Till next time, hugs and Mickey kisses!!


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