Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blizzard Beach Review

  This past week, as an Annual passholder, we got to expereince Blizzard Beach for free. We had such a fun time. We had never been to a Disney water park before, and honestly, I am not a fan of water, but never have I had so much fun! We pulled up and saw the huge long line, stretching all the way to the golf course and thought we may never get in. However, it only took us a few minutes! Once inside, we got a locker so we didn't have to carry all our stuff around, and off we went.

 The park is pretty big.  One thing I loved was that it had something for all ages since I have a toddler, a tween,  a teen and us adults. The park is broken down in the cutest areas. Tikes Peak is an area for babies-toddler age. In Tikes Peak they had a few inches of water where a baby could just sit and play with the water in between some snow drifts and floating icebergs.  The snow drifts and icebergs are made of a soft material and bobbed in the shallow water. The park has small water slides just for the little ones and even a small tube ride, which my 3 year old loved. The tween area at the park also includes icebergs on the water, a zip cord and some bigger slides. There were some fun tube slides that the kids will love.
   The rest of the park is more for the thrill seekers.  There are 2 really big water slides, which I did not take part in, but my dare devil kids did and they had the time of their lives. We sat at the bottom of the slide waiting for our 2 big kids to come down.  When they tell you it's not a good idea to wear a two piece skimpy bikini, they meant it! One girl, just happened to look down at the end of the slide to see her top almost off.  Just be warned, your top may not make it down the same time you do at the end of the slide. You can take a ski lift to the top of the mountain or walk up. My family chose to walk it up and the view at the top is amazing!  You can see every park and tall ride, it was breathtaking!

   My kids finally had enough of the body slides and we decided to take a ride on the lazy river.  This river goes around the entire park with many on and off points. You can sail away as long as you like.

    At about 3 PM, we decided to check out the free refreshments provided for AP members. We got a free surfbox (an $8.95 value for each AP ticket we had) . It was great to not have to worry about having soggy money and tickets.  We also got free potato chips, cookies and really cold ice water. We sat down at the picnic tables and just relaxed. The day we were there it was 90 degrees and that water began to look really inviting again, so we finished up our yummies and went back to the water. The waiting times were mostly 15 minutes for everything!

   The difference between the water parks and the main parks is that there are no FastPasses, but with the lines being so short, we wouldn't have used them anyway.  We had a really fun day and  I wish I would have taken more pictures.

 All in all, we would love to go back! The place is really nice, the stores had everything you could think of in case you forgot something. There were lots of places to get food and drinks, ice cream or slush and whatever you wanted. The theming was really done well. Some places had water misters going and it made the park look like the snow was actually cold. I do recommend you wear water shoes.The ground was really hot that day. Many people will be barefoot because when you ride the body slides, they make you hold your shoes on the way down.

 They also had a lot of places to take cute pictures, so bring yourself a waterproof camera, or buy one at the park. I think we will definitely be going back since we had such a great time. It was really different than being at the other 4 parks. I loved not having to wear shoes if I didn't want to.

 Lockers were $13.00 for a small and you got $5.00 back or a really nice souvenir cup.

                                           melting snowmen family..

                                          free surf box, keeps stuff dry.

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