Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Mike Wazowski

“Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!”

Can you name the character who said this?!

Mike Wazowski of course! Our green, one eyed friend is patiently waiting for his new movie, Monsters University to hit theaters on June 21st, so let’s take a look at Mike’s first screen debut. 

Hot-tempered, hardworking, funny, smart, but uptight. Mike is certainly a complex character! Best friends with the best scarer in all of Monsters Inc, Sulley, he and his pal work around the clock in Monstropolis to keep the city up and running, capturing energy through the screams of human children whom they find through the mass labyrinth of doors to the human world at the company. Mike is not always so work-focused, however, and is extremely fond of his lovely girlfriend Celia Mae, a Cyclops. 

Mike is pulled into one of Monstropolis’ biggest disasters when Randall, the sneaky and sly chameleon, accidently lets in a human child with whom Sulley is now entangled with when he finds Randall cheating the system as he scares off-time. Interrupted on his date with Celia by Sulley, Mike must compose himself and his friend in order to return the little girl to her room, while stopping Randall from his other evil plans; this is where Mike’s rule-following and intelligence shines. 

Despite his straightforward, obvious solutions to problems, Mike doesn’t necessarily see the emotional sides to problems which causes tension when Sulley becomes attach to the human girl. In the end Mike and the Monsters Inc. company decide to produce energy with children’s laughs rather than screams.
Monsters University, is a prequel to the first film, depicting life of Mike and Sulley when they first meet and become roommate in college. The film is set to release June 21st and soon we’ll get to see how Mike’s relationships developed and how his personality changed when he entered University! 

Mike and Sulley can be found at Hollywood Studios, but they are usually seen in parades and other shows. Mike and Sulley also have their very own show at Magic Kingdom called Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor where guests can interact with live monsters who tell jokes and keep the crows laughing!

 Check out Monsters University's education webpage to check out the campus!

Images from: Disneywikia & Pixarwikia

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