Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: James P. Sullivan

James P. Sullivan, top Scarer of Monster’s Inc. continuously holds the record for collecting the most screams of children, which powers the city of Monstropolis. Sulley’s job, like many other monsters, is to enter closet doors to the human world to scare kids and play off their fears of monsters in their closet.

With that said, you’d expect Sulley to be a pretty frightening and rugged monster, but we who have watched the movie, know that Sulley is just a soft, big, furry guy with a true heart and sweet intentions. Hardworking, friendly, laid back, and lovable, Sulley and his best friend, Mike Wazowski, possess many of the same qualities, which leads them to the top of the scaring pack. 

With bright blue and purple fur and a kind demeanor, it’s surprising that Sulley could scare anyone, but with a flash of his teeth, his furrowed eyebrows, and the swing of his tail, Sulley turns into a ferocious beast. 


As we mentioned in Mike Wazowski’s character overview, Sulley’s main problem in Monsters Inc.comes in the form of a lizard named Randall Boggs, who’s jealous of Sulley’s success. Randall cheats the system by scaring after hours, and accidently let’s a human child through the door into the monster world. Suddenly, Sulley is pulled into the dilemma, when the child, Boo, becomes attached to Sulley, whom she calls “Kitty”. With his friend Mike, Sulley must find a way to return Boo.
So, where can you find this big guy? Head over to Hollywood Studios for possible meet and greets or catch him in the parades and shows at WDW & DL.

Remember, that the prequel to Monster’s Inc., Monster’s University, will be released June 21st. So, if you are interested in how Sulley and Mike’s friendship began and their time living in a college dorm, hit the theater next month! 

Photo Credit: Disneywikia & Pixarwikia

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