Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Hades

Not all Disney characters are heroes, and Hades is here to show it! This Greek God of the Underworld has a taste for evil in Hercules (1997), the main villain set out to steal the throne of Mount Olympus, from his brother Zeus. Hercules is set around the life and tales of the Greek Gods, so it’s not surprising that Mr. Hades is less human-like than us. Blue-skinned with flaming hair, sharp teeth, and a long flowing gray cape that turns to smoke at the bottom, he certainly is a frightenin
g and cunning antagonist. Hades is a bit like Donald Duck in his very hot-natured, losing his temper quite quickly. He is one of the most sarcastic of all the Disney characters, selfish and mean, setting out to destroy Hercules (Zeus’ son) and doing so by enlisting the help of Megara.


As a Greek God, Hades does not seek immortality, because he already has it! His search for power leads him to his sidekicks Pain and Panic, both aptly named for their traits, but they fail him at destroying Hercules as a baby. Hades, with his angry personality, has a difficult time handling his minion-like sidekicks. Hades is also owner of the three-headed dog Ceberus, a violent and scary guard of the Underworld. Hades job, while not constantly looking for ways to take control, is to bring the passed on souls to the heart of the Underworld or leave them in the River Styx where they are trapped for eternity. 

Hades powers are fire and chains of smoke, which correspond well to his title of lord of the Underworld. Hades also appears in Hercules: The Animated Series, House of Mouse, and Kingdom Hearts Series. Hades is very rare at Disney parks so don’t expect to run into him too often, not that you’d want to!

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