Friday, May 17, 2013

Foodie Friday: Tables in Wonderland - Dining Discount Card

I am now a proud owner of a Tables in Wonderland card.  I had been thinking about purchasing this Walt Disney World dining discount card for a couple years now, but I always thought that I would never make up the money spent on it.  Well, I took the plunge and am glad I did!  For Passholders or DVC members, the price is $100.  For Florida residents, it is $125.  We have dined at 'Ohana four times so far this year and at Whispering Canyon twice before I got the card and each time my bill was over $100.  Tables in Wonderland gives me 20% off of my bill, so I would have already made up my $100 cost for purchasing the card.  I am keeping a running tally of how much it will save me over the next year to show my husband that this was a smart purchase for us.

Since purchasing the card, we have been to Kona Cafe for breakfast and Whispering Canyon Cafe for dinner.  We will be having dinner at 'Ohana this weekend and again next week.

Guess what?  It's good for free valet parking when you dine at a participating restaurant!  ($15 value)  I never valet because I am cheap, or frugal to be nice, but why not since it's complimentary!  It is especially helpful with two small kids and not having to drag them through a resort parking lot and valet saved me last weekend when it was raining.

With two meals under my belt (literally) and two uber fancy valet services, I am already more than halfway to making up my initial $100 spent to purchase the card.  After my dinners next week, I will be purely saving until June 2014.  I can already see the dollar signs in my husband's eyes.

Is Tables in Wonderland right for you?  Check out the participating restaurants HERE.

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