Friday, May 24, 2013

Foodie Friday: Double Review Lotus Blossom & Tangierine Cafe

If there was a drumroll specifically for a meal, it should be playing now…because this is about the best meal that I enjoyed on property in December: Tangierine Café! 

Since I became a vegetarian I’ve been a lot more experimental in what I try despite being a ridiculously picky kid in my early years. Since we were on the dining plan and strolling through EPCOT, we needed to find someplace to eat. I’d always loved Morocco, the shops, the atmosphere, the entire culture so I was interested in seeing what their restaurants had to offer. We found Tangierine Café which I had heard about before and I noticed there was a vegetarian platter. My family is a little less adventurous so they headed over to Lotus Blossom after I ordered my meal. The vegetarian platter is a Falafel, Tangierine CousCous Salad with Hummus, lentil salad, marinated olives and Tabouleh. My desert was a slice of Baklava. The total for my meal came to $10.99, but since we were on the DP we used a Quick Service Credit. 

Tangierine Café is located in the front of Morocco pavilion, they are open 11:30 to 9 and accept quick service dining credits. Since it’s a counter service restaurant they do not offer reservations. I was very impressed by the outside structure and decoration of the building, both the outside and inside made me feel like I’d stepped inside of Agrabah. There is a small dining area outdoors that is covered by a awning and there is also a few tables located inside the restaurant. Guests just move down the line to order their main course and at the end there is a bakery type section where you can order desert. 

The tile on the walls was beautiful and the building was covered in very earthy tones. However, it is quite small so when it gets crowded, it really does get cramped. I did not sit to eat at the restaurant as we moved on to Lotus Blossom to order my family their food. 

Lotus blossom is larger and more outdoors so there was more room. They have a large outdoor section and there is plenty of room. My family ordered two Orange Chickens with Steamed rice for $8.49 each and my mom ordered Seasame Chicken Salad for $6.99. Lotus Blossom offers Red Bean or Ginger Ice Cream. The ginger ice cream was sweet and had a strange taste but we enjoyed the red bean ice cream. Lotus Blossom is located in China, open at 11, and accepts QS credits. Since it’s also counter service, reservations are not accepted. 

We all grabbed our lunches and had a seat in the side area of Lotus Blossom. My brother and father had the orange chicken and thought it was good enough, I never really got their opinion on it, but it looked decent. My mom had the sesame chicken salad and didn’t really care for it. She said that the chicken tasted fake and she wouldn’t order it again. My meal ranks behind my favorite, Columbia Harbour House Lighthouse Sandwich. I enjoy couscous at home, though I don’t make it very flavorful, but the couscous mixed with the tabouleh and lentil salad was delicious! I’d never had tabouleh, lentil salad, or falafel before. Falafel is a fried patty made of chickpeas or fava beans, hummus is also a dip made of chickpeas. Hummus was not really my favorite food (though that’s since changed), but the flavor was on spot and really was delicious on all the food. You were given a flatbread to make a kind of sandwich, so I mixed a lot of the food up and made myself a burrito of sorts. I don’t much care for olives either but the marinade made the flavor of them more bearable. I expected the meal to be more warm and soothing but it was actually very cool and more refreshing than anything. It was light and it filled me up without weighing me down. The amount of vegetables present certainly makes you feel better too! 

The baklava was sweet, sticky, and a little too much for me to handle so I split it. It’s hard to cut in half so be prepared to get a little messy if sharing! Overall I absolutely loved Tangierine, despite the size of the place and returned there for the same meal once more before we left. The architecture was beautiful and gives you more authentic choices and options for food than most restaurants, it was nice having a veggie meal that wasn’t just a frozen patty. The staff was friendly and fast about serving. In regards to Lotus Blossom, my mom says it’s decent, however if you’re looking to indulge in some new and interesting cuisines, head elsewhere!

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