Friday, May 10, 2013

Foodie Friday- Be Our Guest Dinner

    Upon arriving at check-in in front of the majestic castle of the Beast, you are given a pager and told to wait on the bridge. There is a gorgeous view of waterfalls beyond the castle and protecting gargoyles adorn the bridge. When your pager alerts you, your host/hostess leads you to the dimly lit dining hall with a candleabra.  The first thing you notice is the beauty and splendor of the entry (restrooms are located here) and of each room.  We were seated in the great ballroom with gorgeous chandeliers and painted ceilings. The tables are set for a princess's (or prince's) dinner. The napkins are folded on the plates to look like rose buds
    After being seated, your waiter greets you with a wine list and menus, some bread and offers appetizers. We didn't have any wine but instead chose Sprite, tea and lemonade. The adults had French onion soup and salad to start.  The salad was your typical garden salad with choice of dressings.  The soup was really good but not anything I would pay extra ($6.99) for again. It comes in a ceramic bowl and is topped with croutons and Gruyere cheese that is bubbling over the top. 

    While we were waiting for our meal, Beast came out for a visit.  He does a quick walk through each of the rooms and then meets with guests in the study for photos. Guests are also allowed to tour through each of the rooms, the West Wing, the Ballroom, the Enchanted Rose Room and the Study. We waited to take the tour after our meal. We did however take this opportunity to visit with the Beast. 

The Beast himself in the study

The West Wing

The mysterious Rose Room

    My friend and I both chose the grilled strip steak with garlic and herb butter as our main meal. The steak comes cooked as ordered and is served with Pomme Frites, basically some REALLY YUMMY french fries. We both enjoyed the entire meal, I loved the garlic and herb sauce that came with the steak. This meal is listed at $29.99.  The girls were eating off of the kids menu and had grilled chicken  with whole grain macaroni and marinara sauce.  They both said it was okay but not the best.

    On to dessert! Heaven better look out! The options for this evening were cream puffs and cupcakes.  The adults chose the strawberry cream cheese cupcakes and the girls went with the triple chocolate.  How can you go wrong with chocolate? I will say that it was good but the strawberry cream cheese was GREAT! It was so moist and delicious and even topped with a huge fresh strawberry.  I loved the little candy pearls that were used to decorate the cupcake. The cupcakes are about $3.99 each. Since my friend was celebrating her birthday, we got to try the gray stuff. Is it delicious? Well, we weren't impressed.  The only decription we could come up with was Oreo Cool Whip, the cupcakes were so much better.
Don't believe us, ask the dishes!

    The restuarant is open for lunch as a quick service and no reservations are needed but if you plan on dining for dinner, reservations are highly recommended and it requires 1 table service credit if you are using the dining plan.
  Read more about it here Be Our Guest Restuarant

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