Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Ridley Pearson

Most Disney fans know him as the author of the famous Kingdom Keepers series, but Ridley Pearson has much more to offer than our favorite Disney adventures. Ridley Pearson is a New York Times best-seller and has written around thirty mystery novels and fifteen children fiction stories. His adventure book list (co-witten with Dave Barry) includes Peter and the Starcatchers,  and Never Land Chapter Books along with a few of his own solo projects. His suspense novels include his Walt Fleming series, Matthews series, and others which he has been publishing consistently since the late 1980s. Before his authoring days, Pearson traveled the road as a singer/songwriter for an acoustic rock band. Soon he attended Kansas University as well as Brown University and began his novel career. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in St. Louis.

 Of course, the books that we are most familiar with would be Pearson’s Kingdom Keepers series which follows five friends as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, becoming Disney Interactive Hosts (DHI) at Walt Disney World. However, for a story to have a hero (our very own Mickey Mouse), there must be villains and not everything at Disney is what it seems. Finn Whitman and his friends Charlene, Maybeck, Willa, and Philby must do their best to cross over to their DHI states and protect Disney from being overtaken by the villains, named the “Overtakers”, including Captain Hook, Hades, Judge Frollo, Cruella, and the most powerful of all: Maleficent. To conquer them, the group enlists the help of an imagineer, and new allies.


The most recent installment of the Kingdom Keeper series, book six, was released on April 2nd, 2013; Kingdom Keepers: Dark Passage which takes place upon the Disney Dream cruise ship. Ridley Pearson is currently on his Kingdom Keepers tour and will be visiting the following places for meet and greets with fans:
  Wednesday, April 10
Walt Disney World
Once Upon a Toy
4:00-7:00 pm
Orlando, Florida

Thursday, April 11
Walt Disney World
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Writer's Stop
9:30-11:30 am
Orlando, Florida

Friday, April 19
Poisoned Pen
6:30 pm
Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, April 20
“Sagas and Series” panel at Los Angeles Festival of Books
2:00 pm
Los Angeles, California

Whether you are a kid or an adult who loves Disney or a mystery seeker, Ridley Pearson has a great selection of books that appeal to all ages. So, head over to the local bookstore or hit up your local library and see what he has to offer! You may just find a new favorite author!

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