Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surf's Up at Typhoon Lagoon

It’s no secret that my family LOVES Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.  You can find us splashin’ around almost every weekend in the summer.  If you have water babies like me, you will not want to miss out on a water park visit during your next Walt Disney World vacation!

Typhoon Lagoon has always been my favorite water park at Disney, even back when River Country was thriving.  (And I truly loved River Country)  I was just a little fishy when we first started visiting and I can remember dragging my dad straight to the Wave Pool, where we would spend most of our day.  In fact, it was years before we even figured out that there were any slides and attractions behind the wave pool!  True story!

First order of business?  Finding a spot for the day.  I call this our “dumping spot”.  We head to our usual area after walking through the gates and dump and run, or rather swim.  I am even going to let you in on my go-to area, which has never failed me in the countless times we've visited.  As you walk through the entrance to Typhoon Lagoon and pass the gift shop on your right, you can turn left and go over the bridge that takes you to a magnificent view of the Surf Pool or head straight towards the locker rentals and main bathrooms.  While most guests go over the bridge, you should head straight.  You will be walking towards Crush ‘n’ Gusher.  Make a right after you pass the bathrooms and just past the hot dog and turkey leg cart, there is a covered sandy area.  This used to be a rentable private space, but it isn’t anymore.  This is our spot.  If the area is filled, you can usually grab a couple of chairs right next to it and take advantage of some shade.  Why is this my favorite spot?  It’s right next to a refillable mug station.  Score!  It’s around the corner to the main bathrooms that have potties, showers and changing rooms.  And guess what, there’s a back entrance so there’s no need to walk to the front.  This area has what I like to call a “quiet pool”.  This is a zero entry pool with no waves and at its deepest is a little over 4 feet.  It’s perfect for kids to play without the threat of waves.  Now that I've told you my secret (let’s keep it between us, ok?), moving on.

We like to use Castaway Creek, the lazy river, as transportation.  Why walk around the park when you can float in style with an inner tube?  You can hop in and out using the various entry points to get wherever you would like to go. 

My favorite attraction is, of course, the Surf Pool.  Please, oh please watch your kids while swimming here.  The waves can get up to 6 feet tall and are very powerful!  My son loves to get knocked over with me.  I severely underestimated a wave a few visits ago and ended up rolling a few times under the water (son in my arms) and I lost my sunglasses.  When I was finally able to gain my footing, my son said to me, “let’s do that again!”.  Oh boy!

A helpful tip for lunch time is to bring your food back to your spot.  We usually designate Mom or Dad (usually Mom) to grab everyone’s lunch at Leaning Palms quick service restaurant and bring it back to our chairs.  There are a few picnic tables, so we grab one if they are available.  This works perfectly because the kids can be playing in the quiet pool while the food is being picked up. 

Stay tuned for more favorites of mine at Typhoon Lagoon!

Who’s ready to hang ten with me?


  1. Great post & love the pics! Typhoon lagoon is by far my favourite water park xx