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Pop Century: Resort Review

Pop Century Review

With all the different Walt Disney World resorts out there it would seem almost crazy for a visitor’s favorite hotel to be a value. With so many great options, beautiful scenery, quiet rooms, and lavish decorations, a tourist could really live in luxury at some of the moderate and deluxe resorts. But alas, I have a very soft spot for one very fun resort that I like to call home: Pop Century Resort.

Pop Century is mainly themed upon the years from the 1950’s-1990’s, with each section of the resort dedicated to a different decade. Each section is decorated with over-sized infrastructures relating to the time period. This include Rubik’s cubes, bowling pins, laptops, play-doh, and other iconic toys or consumer products of the specific decade. There are ten buildings within the resort, each with four floors. The rooms are outdoor rooms, unlike those at Grand Floridian, so take a step outside your door 
and you’ll be taking a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of visitors coming and going.

My favorite part about Pop Century has always been the small crowd that accompanies it. The decorations and the constant guests moving throughout the resort create an exciting and fun atmosphere. Kids jumping into the pools or running about the food court makes me excited and ready for a day at the parks. This also means that those who prefer a quiet, secluded, and relaxing vacation probably shouldn’t book this resort. If you’re in for a non-stop fun and exciting time, definitely look into this resort!

There are three pools at Pop Century, a computer pool in the 90’s area, a bowling pool in the 50’s, and the Hippie Dippie Pool in the center of the resort, outside the food court. The Food Court is called “Everything Pop” and the main check-in area, gift shop, and arcade is titled the “Classic Hall”. The food court features the general Disney food from baked goods, salads, pizzas, burgers, desserts, and more. Pop Century is famous for it’s tie dye cheesecake, and I can understand why! The food court is open from 6AM until midnight. The food court is a very laid-back place, but quite busy during many of the usual meal hours. With that said it never takes very long to get your food and the court is so large that you should never have a problem finding a seat. It's cool in the summer and the food is always good! My favorite part about the gift shop this trip was the vinylmation trading that was set up everyday. They also offer pin trading and other fun activities in the Classic Hall.

Because the resort is a value, the rooms are smaller, about 260 square feet, but the resort only costs about $112 a night for a standard room. A preferred room is more expensive but closer to the food court. Overall, there is something about Pop Century that makes me feel like I never want to leave. It’s not necessarily strictly Disney-themed, but the way the hotel smells, the walk around the resort, the security greeter at the drive-in, or the cast members at Everything Pop, it makes for a non-stop fun vacation. I’ve never had to get “settled” into this resort like I did with some of the moderates.

Distance from Parks: A (It’s not more than 5 minutes away from any park if you are driving yourself, so don’t worry!)

Transportation: C (Just luck)

Food: B (About the same as most of the value resorts, and the tie dye cheesecake is a must every trip!)

Rooms: C  (A family of four, we sometimes have a problem with the size, which is generally small, but considering we are hardly in our rooms the layout, size, and decorations are perfect for us.)
Design & Theme: B (Fun and spunky!)

Relaxing: D (This is not usually a quiet resort, it’s full of kids, and a go, go, go environment..)

Cast Members: A!

Mood: A+

Total: B

You may recall on my Caribbean Beach Review, that CBR got an overall total of A-. I’ve read many reviews on Pop Century and it is general opinion that it is the best out of all the value resorts, but the main complaints I have mentioned in this review. For most people, this isn’t going to be their favorite resort and if you are looking for a “real” relaxing vacation, this isn’t a place you’re really going to want to book. If you’re up for adventure, continuous fun and excitement, or if you have kids, check it out!

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