Monday, April 29, 2013

New Technology, New Tickets

I am always amazed at the technology Disney introduces.  The latest and greatest are the RFID scanners, which are now present at all of the Walt Disney World parks, including the water parks.  I  recently renewed my Premium Annual Pass (gotta have love for the water parks) and was given a hard plastic credit card type pass.  Previously, the passes were flimsy paper-like cards.  Having the new card allowed me access to use the RFID scanner entries, which my son demonstrates below.
My son tapping his pass on the Mickey head until it lights up green
The process of entering the ticket gates was seamless and took half the time than it use to.  I must say, my son and I were really impressed!
Finger scanner to the right
The new cards are really generic, so much so that I had to write my own name on the back of it and the information I am not happy about the card not stating is my pass expiration date.  Overall, I am very pleased with the simplicity and timeliness of shuffling through the gates.
Old passes on top, new passes on bottom
What will they come up with next?  (Oh, Magic Bands!)

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