Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Merida

-->If you could change your fate, would you?

March 8th, the world celebrated international women’s day. Being a feminist myself, I find that Merida is definitely a strong role model, a woman who pushes the boundaries of what it means to be female and takes her fate in her own hands. Starring in her feature film Brave in 2012, Merida is the Scottish princess of DunBroch with a love for archery.

At sixteen years old, this spunky princess doesn’t agree with the rules of the kingdom or what it means to be a princess and is incredibly rebellious, especially towards her mother, who is preparing to set up Merida up in an arranged marriage with one of the three Lords’ sons. The movie is named, aptly so, as Merida is brave when she disobeys her mother, chooses archery for the marriage competition and decides to compete for her own hand.

Adventurous and stubborn, Merida is furious when her mother denies her the right to choose her own paths and soon gets mixed up with a witch and, thinking the witch has given her a potion to change her mother’s mind about the marriage, ends up turning her into none other than a…bear!

Using her tough, intelligent, and kind spirit, Merida sets out on a way to save her mother before the spell becomes permanent. Merida looks much different than many of the other princesses, the first to be created with 3D effects. Her Curly, bright red hair is one of her main features along with her pale skin and freckles. Merida’s favorite clothes seem to be her dark green dress which she wears through much of the movie. Merida loves archery and often rides out into the woods with her horse, Angus, on adventures. Merida loves her family despite their differences, especially her triplet brothers!

It’s important to note that out of all the Disney princesses, Merida is the first Pixar Princess and will be joining the princess line up in June of this year! Right now, Merida is a very common character at Disney. At Magic Kingdom you can find her at the Fairytale Garden in Fantasyland. She can also sometimes be seen roaming through Epcot. At Disneyland, you can find her near It’s a Small World. 

Image Credit: Disneywikia

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