Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Kuzco


If there is one Disney character who could claim the “most sassy” award it would definitely be Emperor Kuzco from the movie The Emperor’s New Groove. Debuting in 2000, David Spade voices that ever so childish Kuzco. Emperor of the Kuzoconian Empire in Peru, Kuzco runs his empire on carelessly, making decisions on whims and catering to his own personal needs rather than the catering to his citizens. We can’t be too hard on the kid since Kuzco is only 18 and his parents are missing throughout most of the movie. The main problem in The Emperor’s New Groove is that Kuzco has somehow….welll…gotten himself turned into a llama.

This all begins when Kuzco tries to kick out a village in order to build himself a new waterpark. These citizens, including the kind Pacha, are not able to find anywhere to go. Antagonist, Yzma with her sidekick Kronk (advisers to the king), are in the business of killing Kuzco so that they may take over the kingdom for themselves. Things don’t exactly go according to plan and Kuzco ends up… as a llama and must befriend Pacha In order to regain his rightful seat on the throne. 

Pacha and Kuzco develop a rocky yet lasting friendship through their trials and Kuzco learns a lot on his journey back to the kingdom. For a long portion of the movie, Kuzco remains a llama but his selfish and sarcastic attitude shines through as bright as ever. Not everything about Kuzco is bad, he does provide a lot of comic relief and viewers can relate to Kuzco’s child-like need for every desire. 

Kuzco has a couple of his own catch phrases including “You threw off my groove!”  and “No touchies!”.  You can catch Kuzco in a couple of other movies including Kronk’s New Groove, the television show The Emperor’s New School, and Disney’s House of Mouse series. 

Kuzco is a very rare character to meet but if you want to find him you might hang around Disney’s Hollywood Studios and see if you can catch him. He’ll be in his llama form! If you’re not so lucky head over to WDW Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom and play a couple games with Kuzco and help him defeat Yzma! 

Photo Credit: Disneywikia 

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