Friday, March 15, 2013

Foodie Friday: Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

This was one of the coolest places for atmosphere that  I have ever eaten at in Disney. We made reservations for lunch, which is strongly recommended. We were given a pager and only had to wait  10 minutes to be seated  We were walked through a hall and into the room where all the 50's style cars were. It was really like I was back in my home town, when I was a kid. I remember us all loading into the family car and sitting in the drive in. You are seated and given menus, there are lights so you can see the menus.  We picked what we wanted to eat and were brought everything fairly quickly.  What I thought was cute was, if you are a small party, you would be told they picked up some hitchhikers and sat them in your car. Our car was full, with my family.

   The atmosphere was so neat. You are sitting in a car and the room is pretty dark. You are sitting under the stars, a huge screen is up at the front of the room playing all the 1950's creepy movie clips. The loop of that lasted about 30 minutes then replayed. We got our food, which was all American style food. I ordered the All American burger which was a burger, a hot dog, sauerkraut  and grilled onion with ketchup, mustard and pickle. It was pretty good. My hubby got the Reuben and said it was good. He also got an alcoholic drink,they have a good choice of these.  He got the Space Monkey, which was a chocolate shake, with rum and banana liqueur  I could have had 5 of those, the were soooo good!!! They also have flavors for your sodas, if you wanted a watermelon sprite, or chocolate coke, you could do it! I chose to just have a regular drink. My kids got an appetizer, meal and dessert for under $10.00 each, this was a great deal.

 The prices for lunch are $15.00-$35.00 depending on what you order. They are located on Commissary Lane in Hollywood Studios and open at 11:00 A.M.. My only advice is if you are Poh sized, ask for the chair seating. You are still sitting at a car, but are not in a booth. This will be my choice next time for comfort.

                                              Part of the menu..
                                          My daughter
                                            The space monkey..with colored cube...
                                               All American burger..
                                          Kids chicken and fish..

                                          The Reuben...

                                           Kids dessert...

Our car,the waitress was so nice, she took my camera,and took pics for us!!!

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