Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Ralph


  Image Credit: Disneywikia

If you have yet to see one of Disney’s newest films, Wreck-It Ralph, coming to DVD March 5th, you may want to skip this weeks Who’s Who! If you have already seen the film or just interested in one of the main characters, read on! 

The big and lovable, Ralph, played by John. C. Reilly stole the hearts of many gamers, both young and old during his debut in November of 2012. Ralph is the main protagonist of the film, although the plot is technically about him trying to shed his antagonistic personality, appearance, and demeanor. Ralph is the main “bad guy” in the arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr where Ralph takes up his role as destroyer and smashes windows and the buildings of the Nicelanders (citizens of Fix-it Felix Jr.).  

 Image Credit: Disneywikia 

 However, underneath all Ralph wants to be is a hero. He is large, lovable, and has a big heart. His appearance tells a different story as he towers above most of the characters with two very large arms and hands he uses to destroy the building in his home arcade game. Ralph lives in the rubble next to the Nicelander’s home where he must watch Felix receive a hero’s award day after day. 

The movie takes Ralph through a series of video games where he strives to become a hero and earn a hero’s medal so that he can take his rightful place and earn the respect of the nicelanders. Through these adventures Ralph becomes best friends with Fix-it Felix Jr. and Vanellope Von Schweetz who is a character in the racecar game, Sugar Rush. 

Ralph and Vanellope currently meet guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s Magic of Disney Animation building. They are very fun so be sure to stop and see them!

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