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Who's Who Wednesday: Pinnochio

Who’s Who Wednesday: Pinnochio
I got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret or make me frown!

Pinnochio Image Credit: Disneywikia 
Village Haus Image Credit: wdwinfo

This week who’s who is dedicated to the cutest little wooden boy Disney viewers have ever seen. Walt Disney’s second animated feature, Pinnochio debuted in the 1940 film of the same name. Pinnochio was a gift to Geppetto from the blue Fairy, Geppetto wanted a son most of all. The Blue Fairy enchanted a wooden puppet to come alive and she sends Pinnochio’s conscience, Jiminy Cricket with him.

Pinnochio is very naïve as a wooden puppet which is why his friend Jiminy must accompany him. Pinnochio ends up getting himself into a few dangerous situations due to his inability to distinguish right from wrong. When the Blue Fairy finds that Pinnochio has left Geppetto, Pinnochio tells a great big lie and his nose grows long. Eventually the Blue Fairy returns Pinnochio to his human form after he’s turned into a Donkey at Pleasure Island.

Pinnochio is characterized with a high voice and an extremely dangerous (yet understandable) curiosity. Pinnochio, despite having wooden characteristics, is like many other boys, innocent, looking for fun, and brave when he wants to rescue his father from Monstro. Pinnochio wears yellow and red clothes, a bright blue bow, and a yellow round hat. His shoes and other clothing are very similar to that worn in many of the old towns of Germany and Italy (the movie itself takes place in Italy, which is where the story originated).

Pinnochio loves to dance and play with his pets, Cleo and Figaro. All he wants is to be a real boy and to stay with his father forever. Pinnochio has made a lot of small appearances within the past few years including House of Mouse, Aladdin, Kingdom Hearts, and most recently as a re-created (not the animated Pinnochio) character (both human and wooden, young and old) in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Pinnochio can be seen in many places around the Disney Parks. He can be found with Geppetto in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom and is in many of the parades. Pinnochio actually has a restaurant named after him in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom called Pinnochio Village Haus!

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