Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Jane Porter

Fun facts about Jane:

  • She’s only 1 of 3 disney females to not have a sidekick (the others being Meg & Kida).
  • She was drawn by the same man who animated Megara from Hercules (Ken Duncan). 

One of my favorite Disney females, Jane made her way to the big screen in the 1999 film Tarzan. Daughter of Professor Porter, a scientist, Jane and her father travel to Africa with their guide Clayton to study Gorillas. When we first see Jane, we notice that she’s quite dressed up for the occasion and doesn’t necessarily fit in with the jungle life. Jane dons a bright yellow dress with white gloves, heels, and umbrella, and a hat to cover her long brown hair. But she soon learns the ways of the jungle and dresses more casually, in a long green skirt and loose hair. Jane is very “ladylike”, intelligent, and fascinated by the wild animals of the jungle. She enjoys sketching, art, and is very proper, always doing her best to be kind. 

Jane has brown hair, blue eyes, and very light skin. Jane and her father are both from England though they now both live in the Jungle with Tarzan and his animal family. Though Jane isn’t necessarily the typical wildlife gal, after meeting Tarzan, she relaxes a bit and falls in love with Africa, following her curious mind to beautiful areas of the jungle where she sketches and studies. While Jane doesn’t have any direct enemies, she does fight Clayton, the villain in Tarzan, who has only come along on the trip to poach the Gorillas. 

Jane also appears alongside Tarzan in the television show Tarzan & Jane, the sequel: Legend of Tarzan, and in the video game, Kingdom Hearts. It is very rare you will see Jane out and about at the Disney parks as she spends most of her time with Tarzan in the jungle! 

Bonus: For those interested, you can download the e-book of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs for free on Amazon. I read this book over the summer and highly enjoyed it, so I definitely recommend. There are many parts different than the movie. For instance, Tarzan's real name in the book is actually John Clayton! However, it's a very easy read and very fascinating!

Photo Credits: Disney Wiki

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