Monday, February 4, 2013

Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Have you ever thrown a Disney themed Birthday party?  I gave my youngest little girl a Minnie Mouse birthday party when she turned two.  I would love to share with all of my fellow Disney addicts how the party came together.

First things first, I designed and made my own invitations.  I was super excited on how they turned out.

Next I planned my cake and cupcake designs.  I went with a Mickey Mouse Wilton cake pan and just added eye lashes and a bow to make it Minnie.  The cake was a challenge but 5 hours later it came out so good!  The cup cakes were definitely easier.  I used pink icing, white candy decorating balls and Wilton chocolate melts for the ears.  The bows were made out of a chocolate mold using the pink Wilton melts.  The bow mold I found on Amazon.
I layered it with strawberries and cream cheese. Yummy!
Just getting started, look the clock says 9:38pm. (Started at 7:30pm)
YAY!  Mission completed....around 12:30am. :)
My Minnie Mouse cup cakes. :)
The baking was a success! While we have yummy sweets on our mind let me show you my pretzel
stick center pieces I made.
Can you see the Minnie Mouse on top of the marshmallow?  A last minute idea. :)
I always like to make some sort of center pieces. The candy stick pretzel jars were placed on both sides of the Minnie Mouse center piece I made.  Made enough for 5 tables.

I loved how they turned out.  The vase was bought from Michaels, I lucked out that they matched the colors/theme perfectly!  Inside the vase is flower arrangement foam holding the flower stems and leaves.  The Minnie head is 3 Styrofoam balls from Michael's floral department.  All I did was spray paint them black, stick the ears on with toothpicks and add the cute bow.

I loved making the banner and anything else I could think of. As I started crafting ideas just came to me.  Here are a few things I made for decorations.
 This next ideas I borrowed from a sweet friend of mine, I love it so much!!!  I like to call it my birthday "face" banner.

It was so much fun to make.  I took about 15 to 20 5X7 and made sure they were all cropped in to the face only.  Cut them out and added Minnie Mouse party hats.  This is definitely my favorite project.

I always like to have at least one game and a craft.  The kids decorated their own Minnie Mouse bows, which they later used for a game of pin the bow on Minnie Mouse.  Tattoos are always a favorite of the kiddos so there was plenty of Minnie/Mickey tattoos.

My Minnie Mouse blind fold, of course. :)
Everyone's a winner and for playing the game received a special lollipop.
I though a special place setting and cup was in order for the birthday girl.  I found this setting at the Disney Store and just added a few touches to them.

A super fun signed also greeted the guest as they arrived.

For most parties I plan, I like to set up a photo opportunity area.  My back drop was a pink and white table cloth.  The birthday girl's Nana bought her the cutest Minnie Mouse couch/chair.  This was used for the photo opp and for the birthday girl to sit in and open up her gifts.  A few props were available like boas, pink polka dot sunglasses and over sized lollipops.

Older sister having fun!

Gift time. :)

Another favorite thing is to pay attention to small details.  In the men and woman's restroom there were his and her soaps.  I like to label everything, just because.  The fruit salad was in a pink Minnie Mouse bowl, of course. Even the napkin holder I made to match my theme.  ;)  Themed outfits are always a must and the birthday girl had on her special hand made Minnie dress by my good friend Becky at RW Boutique (find her on Facebook) ;)

The last thing is hand made party favors!  The idea I came up with was to hand make everyone their own Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse headbands.  This took a very long time.  I spread it out over 4 weeks doing some here and there.  I made them out of head bands and black felt with foam inside and a whole lot of hot glue.  They were very sturdy and kid proof!  They turned out great.  Then I
thought, well I need a way to display them now.  I decided to make a headband holder out of oatmeal canisters wrapped in felt with a super cute sign.  Here they are......

Even the Dad's were rocking their ears!

 The ears were a huge success a great party favor that con be actually used after the party.  We wear
ours to the parks and I can change the bows to match out outfit colors.  All I did was use Velcro so the bows can match whatever color we are wearing. :)

Before I forget this was an indoor pool party.  The party girl was wearing her Minnie Mouse suit...of course.
Diving for toys :)

Big sis under water smile.
 Last but not least the party favor bags.  Along with the ears they took home a bag full of goodies!  I made the bags and also made the rice krispie treats inside that are shaped as none other but Minnie Mouse with the chocolate bow.  My favorite part of the goodie bags is the cute saying I put on the back.

The loot!
 One last thing when the birthday girl got home I made her a special Minnie Mouse ice cream cone.

I hope you enjoyed my Minnie Mouse themed birthday party!  Have you planned a Disney themed party?  What were your favorite highlights of your party?  Please share your Disney party creations in the comments.

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  1. Hey I was wondering if there is anyway you can send me your shopping list for this party. My daughter will be 2 august 26th and I love this. But wouldnt know where to begin.

  2. Hi do you have a shopping list? My sister and I are throwing our kids birthday party together and I need help .

  3. Oh my these are all adorable! I was confused between Minnie and Hello Kitty but both are fine for a little girls party since they are pinkish. But seeing your helpful Minnie Mouse party ideas , I think I'm gonna suggest this to my friends!
    I will be exploring more maybe I could add them to my own compilation. thank you so much!!

  4. hello i was wondering how you went about the stickers for the party bags that say toodles thanks for coming! TIA

  5. Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party! It really looks amazing. These cupcakes are looking so delectable. A lot of hard work and thoughts had been put in this bash. You know our son’s 10th birthday bash was in last week and we hosted party at one of the best Los Angeles event venues. Such a fabulous day it was!