Friday, February 1, 2013

Foodie Friday: Studio Catering Company

Our first day at Disney in December was Hollywood Studios. We had a great morning before we started to hear our tummies rumble. It was our first time on the quick service dining plan and we were excited to see what kind of delicious food we could get! We decided on Studio Catering Company nearby so off we went.

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The line was fairly short and our food was ready within a few minutes. With our dining plan we get a main entrĂ©e, a drink, and a dessert with each meal. My family decided to get 3 sloppy Joe Subs while I opted for the veggie grilled sandwich. Each of our meals came with an order of fries. We ordered 4 fountain drinks and then ordered 2 gingerbread cupcakes and 2 marble cupcakes. The total cost came to $70, but with free dining, it cost us nothing! 

 Veggie Grilled Sub in front.

My family enjoyed their sloppy joe subs and fries but I think by the time we had finished we had all underestimated how much food we would really be eating throughout the day. The size of our sandwiches were quite large and the fries very crispy. My veggie sandwich consisted of grilled zucchini, roasted mushrooms, red pepper, tomatoes, watercress, provolone cheese, tomato dressing and some sort of black olive on a flatbread. I don’t necessarily like mushroom, but throughout this entire trip it seemed like I would have to get used to it because it was on nearly ever meal I had! 

My grilled sandwich was very good, I particularly enjoyed the bread, tomato and cheese, however I was a little overtaken by the amount of mushrooms. While it added to the taste nicely, I ate around some of them by the end. The fries were delicious and I ordered sweetened tea at every meal which was adequate. 

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to eat much of my gingerbread cupcake but I dug in anyway. While the cake itself was good as I love gingerbread, the icing really made it perfect. The chocolate topping was just okay, and I ate most of my cupcake. We saved our marble cakes that were in containers to take to the hotel for later. 

Overall this meal came in at #4 on my top 5. The weather cooperated well and so sitting outside was perfect. While there were quite a few people there, the space of the area is large enough that it didn’t feel overly crowded. If you need a quick meal, definitely stop here!
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  1. Veggie grilled is one of my favorite food. While I was reading your post I was craving for this one. I think you really had fun in your trip so much.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences to us. It really gives us a lot of idea on where to have a vacation.