Friday, February 22, 2013

Foodie Friday: Landscape of Flavors

Contrary to my earlier post, our first meal on Disney property was actually at Art of Animation on December 16th. A couple weeks before we left on our vacation we decided to head out a day early and so we needed to book an extra night on property. We had just visited the Nemo section of Art of Animation back in May and we were anxious to see the rest of the complete resort so we booked a standard room at the Little Mermaid section. However, since we added this on, it was not part of our dining plan and we paid out of pocket.

After wandering the resort (which was beautiful!) we made our way to the food court for dinner. My family and I had eaten here once before in May where I had a veggie burger that was out of this world. I hadn't seen anything like it offered anywhere else so this night I decided to go for it once again, looking forward to one of my favorite meals.

The food court itself is laid out like most of the other resorts and seating is plenty. There is plenty to keep your eye entertained and the fountain areas are well-placed. It was decently filled, with quite a line at each station, but not so much that it was overwhelming. We all ordered and took a seat near the corner by a television playing the park hours and a fountain area. 

My family decided to ordered  a large half cheese, half pepperoni pizza to split between the three of them. While I didn't have any, the crust looked mighty good and they all agreed it was a delicious meal. The boxes they serve them in are also adorable, with mickey and the gang adorning the top. Since we hadn't yet gotten our mugs we all ordered water to save on our dinner.

Next up was my vegetable burger which I remembered so fondly. This burger made out of corn, carrots, soybeans and more is topped with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, a slice of fried green tomato on a Brioche Bun served with cole slaw or fries. I don't remember liking the cole slaw much on our trip in May so I decided to go with the fries instead. As soon as I put it together and tried to take a bite, all of the food kept sliding around. The veggie burger itself crumbled and fell apart as I ate it. 

While what I could taste was good, I was left to use my fork to pick apart the burger. It also didn't help that it was served on a metal slitted plate because as it fell apart, much of it would fall underneath the paper and fall onto the tray. If only it would've stayed together I would have been able to taste all the ingredients together as they should have been and I would've finished my meal a happy Kayla. The veggie burger itself is absolutely delicious on its own but combined with the bread and tomato is what makes it fantastic. The fries were good, as usual but I was left a little disappointed this time around..

Overall, we loved Art of Animation and the Landscape of Flavors. Despite my disappointing encounter, I suggest you head over and try some of the meals they have to offer, whether you go with the veggie burger or not. It does look mighty tasty in the photo and maybe you'll have better luck with your order! If not, the beauty of the resort is sure to make up for it! The large pizza totaled to $13.99 and my vegetable burger ended up being $8.99.

If you'd like to learn how Art of Animation makes their vegetable burgers and try it for yourself head over to Disney Parks Blog:

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