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Disney College Program: Part 4 (Waiting Game)

DCP Part 3: Waiting Game

I forgot to include this in earlier posts. Disney Programs blog is a great resource, with a lot of Q & A that you can use to learn more about the program!

The following is the 3 possible outcomes of your application:


A wave of these emails have been going out and generally applicants see this as a bad thing, although they still have a 50/50 chance of being accepted into the program. When you get a pending email it says that your application is currently processing and that your status is pending a final decision. For this semester, the pending email tells the applicant that they will know whether they have been accepted or declined by April 19th. Generally, with the amount of applicants applying, Disney isn’t sure where to place a specific applicant or decide where they want them positioned at. There isn’t necessarily anything bad about being pended, it’s just a limbo between accepted and declined. However, it is troublesome, as some applicants have to wait until the day before April 19th  to find out if they are declined or accepted If you are pended, your dashboard will still say your application is in progress.

Magic Kingdom Emporium at Christmastime

The only problem I have with pending is that I enroll for my next semester at my university in early April. By that time I’ll need to have applied for the internship class and it’s really going to mess with how I enroll in my next semester. I will probably end up having about 34 credit hours and when I find out if I’m accepted or declined I’d have to drop the specific classes.


If you are the chosen one and get accepted, congratulations! You’ll receive an email confirming this and you will then go on to choose your arrival dates. For Fall, arrival dates are the Monday’s of August and for Fall Advantage, they are late May/early June. Arrival dates is when you’ll check into your apartment and begin your journey. (If you have specific roommates in mind, you must all have the same check-in day and check-in together!) Be aware, you must pay a total of $300 in fees (housing and assessment) once you are accepted into the program. The housing is a deposit that will be applied to the housing costs during the first few weeks of the program. Your dash should say something about your acceptance.

Also, be aware, that Disneyland is actually a fee of $860!

Hollywood Studios 

No Longer in Consideration:

Unfortunately, if you receive an email stating that your application is no longer in consideration, this means you have been declined but they thank you for your interest. Your dashboard progress will say that you are no longer in consideration. Don’t give up hope, you can always apply again as long as you are taking university classes, try again the next semester! Some have even called Disney and they were able to give them small bits of information. One girl posted that Disney told her she needs to work on her communication skills. It can’t hurt to call and see if they can let you know why you didn’t get accepted, but don’t expect any in-depth information, most just let you know that it’s a competitive program. I call this being declined, you’ll also see it as no longer in consideration, or NLIC’d.

Waiting Game:

This is arguably the worst part of the entire process. Waiting for applications was fun, and everyone was excited. However, waiting to see the outcome of your application is extremely stressful. Waves of acceptances, declines, and pendings have been sent out since I had my phone interview. Everyone tries to make sense of the waves of emails, but there is apparently no reason or rhyme. Alumni say not to try and figure out a pattern and just wait it out. At this point, one of my friends has been accepted for attractions, one has been declined, and many others have been pended. Out of all the friends that I talk to, about 7 of us are still in progress and have not received any word. However, it’s speculated that by 2 weeks of the first interview date, everyone should receive some email from Disney about their application.

Be Our Guest Restaurant at New Fantasyland

It’s important to check your emails and your dashboard. Sometimes your dashboard does not reflect an email that you received and sometimes your dashboard is actually ahead of the email system. I can tell you not to stress and don’t try and recheck often, but it’s very difficult. I, for one, can tell you that every time my phone loads a new email or my dashboard is loading my heart stops. You never know when it’s coming!

Good luck and I hope that you will get your acceptance email soon!

This is part 4 of a group of posts I will be making throughout my journey as a DCP applicant. My next post will be about my thoughts on being accepted (hopefully!) or about being declined for the position. I applied as a Photopass Phtoographer and my application is currently still in progress!

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