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Who's Who Wednesday: Milo James Thatch

Who’s Who: Milo James Thatch
Can you guess which movie this character is from?

Here is a few hints:
Milo is a cartographer who studies maps.
Milo is a linguist so he studies languages.
Milo has a friend named Kida.
Milo is searching for the lost city of _____.

If you guessed Atlantis: The Lost Empire you’d be right!

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A little lesser known and underrated movie produced by Walt Disney Studios in 2001, Atlantis tells the tale of an adventurous crew in search of the lost city of Atlantis. Milo himself is the one who discovers The Shepherd’s Journal which supposedly contains a map to the city. But being the awkward and overly-excited genius that he is, nobody will take Milo’s discovery seriously until a family friend gives him a go on his expedition. Milo is paired up with a couple of quirky characters to travel through the treacherous waters and dark caves of the ocean to find what he’s dreamed of discovering. 

Milo, voiced by Michael J. Fox, is characterized as a socially awkward, intelligent, eager, and yet timid student-like character. He wears large round spectacles and often very studious clothes such as vests and bowties to the museum and classes as he is also a professor of archaeology. He was raised by his grandfather, Thaddeus who induced his love for Atlantis. 

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Milo is characterized as a weaker character, with Disney portraying his intelligence over physical strength, but when plans to find Atlantis start to go awry and his friends are threatened, Milo turns into the strong and courageous hero, willing to do anything to protect his friends and his dream of Atlantis.
Atlantis has turned into a cult favorite with Disney fans but the movie has not appeared anywhere within the parks after its original opening. However, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is due out on Blu-Ray March of this year. So if you haven’t seen the movie, be sure to pick it up!
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