Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Jaq & Gus

If there are mice that don’t make us jump onto chairs, grab brooms, and scream it must be Cinderella’s mini sidekicks Jacques and Gus. First seen in Cinderella in 1950, Jacques and Gus are two mice who are rescued by Cinderelly from the mouse traps, set by Lady Tremaine, and her dastardly cat, Lucifer. Jaq has been around for some time before poor Gus-Gus happens along the estate and gets himself trapped in a cage. But luckily he is rescued by Cinderella and befriends them all. 

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Being mice, Gus and Jaq aren’t very well learned in English but speak some small phrases.  Jaq and Gus are vastly different in their animation. Jaq is a very skinny mouse with a high voice, he is a quick and intelligent mouse while Gus is a tubby little animal with a round belly that pokes from beneath his shirt and a deeper voice. Gus is also a bit slower and his size often gets him into a little bit of trouble, but he has a heart of gold. Despite the differences, both mice become best friends and have the courage and will to fight for Cinderella and to beat the evil Lady Tremaine, by freeing Cinderella from her locked room while the Prince is downstairs. 

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While they despise Lady Tremaine, her daughters, and the way they treat Cinderella, Lucifer the cat poses the biggest threat and remains as one of their biggest enemies. However, Lucifer is also their greatest source of fun, as they love tricking him and seeing him fail. Jaq and Gus both return for Cinderella II and III. Jaq also makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see these two running around the Disney parks except at special events. 

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