Friday, January 4, 2013

Foodie Friday: Writer's Stop Carrot Cake Cookie

Maybe you never heard of this little treat, but after one taste you sure won't forget it either. This yummy treat comes from The Writer's Stop in Hollywood Studios. The place looks like a small coffee shop set up.Once you get inside, it's a nice cozy,comfy hang out spot that carries of Disney related books and little trinkets and cooking utensils. The best part is the baked goods. Not many people even know of this little gem tucked into a corner, next to Sci-Fi Diner in Disney;s Hollywood Studios.
 This is a great place to just get out of the heat in the summer, or get a slushie and quick treat. The star of this little shop is called the Carrot Cake Cookie. Now personally, I don't like carrots, so the first few times I heard about this cookie I wasn't eager to try it. On our last trip, I decided I was going to see what all the fuss is about. How could this one cookie have so much attention drawn to it? I got the kids some slushies and I got my cookie. The price is around $3.00, which is a great deal for the size of this cookie! I took it outside, though there are some seats in the rear of the store, and took my first bite! I was in Heaven! It was nice and cold. I couldn't tell they were any carrots in there. I could taste the cinnamon and nutmeg. The frosting, oh, the frosting,wow!!! Cream cheese frosting never tasted so good! My only drawback to this cookie was I think I would have liked it better warm.

 So, now that you have been introduced to this wonderful treat, why not try it at home. This will help your Disney taste experience last

a box of carrot cake mix
8 oz of cream cheese
8 tsp of butter
1 cup of confectionary sugar
1/2 cup crushed pineapples drained
1 tsp of vanilla extract

Ok, next this is what you do:
Make the cake mix as directed on the box
drop it by spoonfulls onto a cookie sheet
Bake it as directed, or until they look done to you
once finished, set them aside to cool
As those are cooling, mix the rest of the ingredients to make the frosting
Mix that all together and grab a cookie. Spread the frosting in the middle, filling to desired amount, and top another cookie together to make a sandwich. There you have it! Your own Diney treat from heaven. You can place them in the fridge to make cool.

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