Friday, January 11, 2013

Foodie Friday: Saving money in Disney: Food Edition

Headed to Disney, you have your resort and park tickets. The biggest expense? That's right, food! Food can run your budget up very quickly. A family of 6 can very easily go over $1,000 on a 1 week trip. How can you possibly save money and splurge on something else like souveniers. Here is a list of money saving tips I have found to be perfect for my family. So many people have come to me and said there is just no way we could afford a trip to Disney. I let them know there are so many ways you can cut down the cost during your stay. This is my food edition.

Most all Disney resort rooms now include mini refrigerators where you can keep things cold, and bring stuff from home.
Many people don't know you can bring some food items into the parks. Most snacks and any drinks in non-glass bottles are allowed.

 My number one tip would be to visit during free dining. This time of the year is one heck of a good bargain.But, for those who don't have the opportunity to do that, here are some tips for you.

In the room:<br /> Breakfast- My family likes to get to the parks as fast as we can, so we like to save time and money by eating in our room. I bring cereal and bowls with me. You can bring one big box of cereal or those single serving boxes. I go to the gift store in the resort and pick up a quart of milk. You can also have pop tarts, fresh fruit and granola too! Now, for those of you who like a warm breakfast, check to see if your resort has a coffee maker. If not, bring one with you. The coffee pot is great for more than just coffee. I bring instant oatmeal packs, cup of noodles(lunch), tea bags, and hot cocoa. You can pick up free cups,spoons,forks,knives,napkins all free in the resort food court.
We also bring a 12 pk of our favorite soda to have in our room.This saves a lot of money. Ice is free and there are cups in your room.

While in the park:
Snacking while in the park for a fmaily can get expensive. My family does bring snacks with us. We bring baggies filled with granola, goldfish,cookies,chips,crackers,fruit leathers, ect.
One of the best and healthiest snacks fresh fruit, there is nothing better than a nice crisp apple or banana!
 We have a backpack cooler that we bring. You can have small coolers that are softsided, as well. You can fill these with juice pouches or water and some ice.

Water: Did you know that water in a cup isfree in the parks? Any counter service restaurant will give for free ice water.( you may wanna being your filtered water bottle, sometimes the tap water tastes funny) If you don't want plain water, pack Mios, crystal light or kool aid packetsto add to your free water!

 Counter service meals: These are great for a quick meal,you can sit outside, and people watch or enjoy the scenery. If your child isn't a big eater, just ask for the kids meal without sides. This can save you up to 2.00! Also, you can just purchase the grapes or cookies.

Share meals: Some people are just not big eaters so you can save money by sharing. Order a double cheeseburger and just ask for another bun, it will only cost .79-1.00 more for another bun,much cheaper than another meal.

Eat at off times: If you are eating at a buffet, go around 3:30pm, that way you can pay for lunch,and get part of dinner as they switch out.

If you are in Epcot, stop by Club Cool, and enjoy sodas from around the world for free! Make sure you try the Beverly, its the best ;O)

Last but not least, before you leave home, be sure to pick up some cupcake containers, these are only a few bucks. They are made of hard plastic and you can bring them to the park. This is how we save the yummy cupcakes that come with our meal and they won't get squished. They are perfect to take back to the room for a late night snack.

These are just a few of the tricks and tips I have learned along the way.......

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