Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Friday: Disney 50's Prime Time Smores

My favorite place to eat in Disney Hollywood Studios is the 50's Prime Time Cafe. This place is the best. You will be taken abck to grandma's house, from the 50's in this very awesome themed restaurant. The television sets are all showing clips from yesteryear and are located all over the place. You can even color a picture to hang on the fridge. My favorite memory was during my husband's birthday and our waiter, Cousin Craig, came over to sing Happy Birthday in the most out of tune voice ever. It was so funny and hubby was given a free cupcake. The wholerestaurant sang! Lots of cute antics are played; no elbows on the table and make sure you eat all of your veggies, just to name a few. One great thing about this place is their dessert.You are handed a view master with the menu in it, how cute is that???

I picked the smores. I love smores, but these smores, were so simple, yet so good!! These are really easy to make too. Here's how you can enjot them at home!

2 whole graham crackers
1 milk chocolate bar
15 marshmellows
2 tsp chocloate syrup

Place graham crackers on oven safe plate
 top with cholate bar
heat briefly in oven
cut marshmallows in half
broil till golden brown
take em out, drizzle with chocolate syrup.

                                         Dessert menu on view finder..
                                              The much to look at!
                                                The smore's!!!
                                            Free Birthday cupcake

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  1. I wish my experience there would have been as nice. My husband and I had to pick the 50's cafe because nothing else was left. Our waiter barely talked to us and we felt rushed. We are going to try them place again. We think we will like it. We just were there at the busiest time of the year (the week between Christmas and New Years)