Thursday, January 10, 2013

April's 2013 Bucket List (Disney Edition!!)

Wow, I can't believe that 2012 is over!  The year flew by!  I have been trying to put together all the things that I want to do related to Disney and it overwhelms me because "I want it all!"  We are about 56 days and counting away from our first family Walt Disney World trip so I thought I would write my bucket list on what I am hoping to accomplish for this trip!

1. Get pictures in front of each park, in front of Cinderella's castle, on Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain and in front of the Epcot ball.

2. Eat at 50's Diner and the Sci-Fi Cafe!  These are places I remember eating with my parents when they took me, it is not so much I remember the food but I want to go back because I remember how happy my dad was at these two places and I think it will be like he is there with us.

3. Be at the park for the rope drop and stay till closing time!  This is hard to do sometimes with three kiddos but I would like to do it at least one day!!

4. Eat at Chef Mickeys!!

5. Hug every character I see, not have my kiddos do this, I want to do it!! 

6. Buy new sweatshirts!  This is a Phillips Family Disney tradition but has never been done at WDW!!

7. Explore the different resorts.

8. Watch my kiddos getting to see and experience a new Disney!  We are all experts when it comes to Disneyland but this is a whole new magical experience we are about to take in.  I know that I am so excited but I just can't wait to see Walt Disney World through their eyes!! 

9. Remind myself about Figment!  I remember him a bit from when I went with my parents but not really, so I am very excited to reunite with him!

10.  Most of all I just can't wait to experience WDW with my family.  I know other vacations can be a blase but going to Disney with my hubby and kiddos is the most magical thing I can think of.  My favorite thing ever is getting to be with my family and just have fun and to enjoy each other.  This doesn't mean there are never melt downs or arguments, we are a family but all my favorite memories are from Disney and I can't wait to make more in the upcoming year! 

So to all my fellow Disney addicts, friends and family, I hope you have the most magical and happiest of New Years!! 

Lots of Love,

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