Thursday, January 31, 2013

Angela's Disney Bucket List

The best part about Disney is there are so many things to experience that each trip is always a new adventure.  Having been at least 100 times, one would think my bucket list would be short, but there are still lots of things I would love to do.

I will start with the small things like riding Tower of Terror, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest and Dinosaur with my 5 year old when she is "ready".  Taking my oldest on the Aqua Duck next cruise and Pelican's Plunge, now that she is tall enough.

Dinner at Remy's on the Fantasy. Getting the first photo of the day at the MK princess meet and greet.  All three princesses in one photo. I always wanted to find a paint brush on Tom Sayers Island for a fast pass but they no longer do that. :(
I'd love to be selected to be the grand marshals of the MK parade. We were able to do this when my husband and I were dating but I would love a chance to do it again with our family of four.

I want to attend the MNSSHP and MVMCP.  I would also like to attend the all night day at the MK.  I want to take my girls to the Grand Floridian tea party.

We were able to enjoy the experience of first family of the day, but I won't lie, I would love to do it again when the kids are older and will remember it all.  I want to experience the Keys to the Kingdom tour,  take the pirate and pals fireworks voyage cruise and   do the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom.  You can just say any and all behind the scene tours and adventures.
I want to See the Christmas Parade taping.  I would love to have lots of fast passes and hand them out to random families throughout the parks.  Or in general spend a day surprising families with magical moments!

Things that may require a bit more pixie dust would be traveling around the world and seeing every Disney park, staying in every resort at least once and dinning at the Chef's table at Victoria and Albert's.  Traveling to Hawaii and staying at Disney's Aulani would be magical!  I would love to go on a European Disney cruise,   Disney Alaskan cruise   or go on any Adventures by Disney trip. And who doesn't want to become a DVC member?

My number one thing I want to do along with every Disney fanatic is stay in the Cinderella Castle suite.
Remember, it's kind of fun to do the impossible!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Jaq & Gus

If there are mice that don’t make us jump onto chairs, grab brooms, and scream it must be Cinderella’s mini sidekicks Jacques and Gus. First seen in Cinderella in 1950, Jacques and Gus are two mice who are rescued by Cinderelly from the mouse traps, set by Lady Tremaine, and her dastardly cat, Lucifer. Jaq has been around for some time before poor Gus-Gus happens along the estate and gets himself trapped in a cage. But luckily he is rescued by Cinderella and befriends them all. 

 Photo Credit:

Being mice, Gus and Jaq aren’t very well learned in English but speak some small phrases.  Jaq and Gus are vastly different in their animation. Jaq is a very skinny mouse with a high voice, he is a quick and intelligent mouse while Gus is a tubby little animal with a round belly that pokes from beneath his shirt and a deeper voice. Gus is also a bit slower and his size often gets him into a little bit of trouble, but he has a heart of gold. Despite the differences, both mice become best friends and have the courage and will to fight for Cinderella and to beat the evil Lady Tremaine, by freeing Cinderella from her locked room while the Prince is downstairs. 

 Photo Credit:

While they despise Lady Tremaine, her daughters, and the way they treat Cinderella, Lucifer the cat poses the biggest threat and remains as one of their biggest enemies. However, Lucifer is also their greatest source of fun, as they love tricking him and seeing him fail. Jaq and Gus both return for Cinderella II and III. Jaq also makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Unfortunately, you probably won’t see these two running around the Disney parks except at special events. 

Photo Credit: Flickr 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Foodie Friday: Disney 50's Prime Time Smores

My favorite place to eat in Disney Hollywood Studios is the 50's Prime Time Cafe. This place is the best. You will be taken abck to grandma's house, from the 50's in this very awesome themed restaurant. The television sets are all showing clips from yesteryear and are located all over the place. You can even color a picture to hang on the fridge. My favorite memory was during my husband's birthday and our waiter, Cousin Craig, came over to sing Happy Birthday in the most out of tune voice ever. It was so funny and hubby was given a free cupcake. The wholerestaurant sang! Lots of cute antics are played; no elbows on the table and make sure you eat all of your veggies, just to name a few. One great thing about this place is their dessert.You are handed a view master with the menu in it, how cute is that???

I picked the smores. I love smores, but these smores, were so simple, yet so good!! These are really easy to make too. Here's how you can enjot them at home!

2 whole graham crackers
1 milk chocolate bar
15 marshmellows
2 tsp chocloate syrup

Place graham crackers on oven safe plate
 top with cholate bar
heat briefly in oven
cut marshmallows in half
broil till golden brown
take em out, drizzle with chocolate syrup.

                                         Dessert menu on view finder..
                                              The much to look at!
                                                The smore's!!!
                                            Free Birthday cupcake

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Rex

Rex: "RAWR!!"
Woody: "Oh, how ya doin', Rex?"
Rex: "Were you scared? Tell me honestly."
Woody: "I was close to being scared that time."
Rex: "Oh, I'm going for fearsome here, but I just don't feel it! I think I'm just coming off as annoying."

Image Credit:

It’s always hard, especially in Toy Story, to pick a favorite side-kick, but I find that Rex is pretty high on the awesome scale. This ferocious (or not so much) dino first appeared in Pixar’s Toy Story in 1995 and has reappeared in both the 2nd and 3rd movies. While Rex tries his best to be the scariest and toughest dinosaur to ever grace Andy’s toy box, Rex just can’t seem to shake that lovable and friendly side of himself. Luckily in most of Andy’s imaginary adventures, Rex usually gets to be the fierce and destructive force who battles the good guys. 

Despite wanting to be the leader and being the largest of Andy’s toys, Rex dislikes confrontation and it is shown when he believes Woody could have pushed Buzz out of the window in the first of the Toy Story films. Rex gains more confidence throughout the movies. Rex also enjoys video games although he has a difficult time defeating Zurg in Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg.

 Image Credit:

Rex is a bit clumsy and being the largest of the toys, he panics a bit more than his counterparts and is characterized as a bit silly and dimwitted constantly being the last to escape danger. Just like the other toys Rex fears that Andy will stop playing with him, leave him to the garbage, or find a better dinosaur which is why he constantly tries to be more fearsome.  Luckily in Toy Story 3, Rex finally finds a dinosaur that he doesn’t have to compete with, befriending Trixie the Triceratops, one of Bonnie’s dinosaurs. 

Rex was featured in his own animated short titled Partysaurus Rex where he tries to shake the “Partypooper Rex” label when he gets onto the bath toys telling them they will overflow the bathtub while Bonnie is gone. Wanting to be liked, Rex joins in the fun creating a club-like party with disco balls in the bathroom. 

While Rex doesn’t do any meet and greets at the Disney parks you can find him hanging around Toy Story Midway Mania and at the Hollywood studios Pixar Play Parade. You can also find Rex in the musical adaption of Toy Story on the Disney Cruise Line.  

Image Credit: wikipedia

Friday, January 18, 2013

Foodie Friday: Mini Churros Review and Recipe

While my family was busy chomping down on some Chinese food at Epcot, I wandered over to the Mexico Pavilion for my craving. I really wanted dessert and I saw some mini churros on the menu. I love churros to begin with, so I bought it and an order of nachos. I headed back to China with my family and sat down to partake in my Meixcan feast.

 The churros come in a cute little stack with a yummy brown dipping sauce. I have always wanted to know how to make these at home, the great thing is they are very inexpensive and are the perfect little treat.I love bringing recipes home and reliving the magic, it helps me with my hangover until my next trip.

So, to make these little churros you will need:
1 cup of water
1/2 cup butter
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup all purp flour
3 eggs
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 small bottle of vegatable oil

To cook you will need to:
Heat water and salt to a rolling boil
stir in flour
stir in rest of ingredients eccept for the sugar and cinnamon,stir a lot till it forms a ball,takes about a minute
remove from heat
add eggs and beat till smooth
Get your pan, and add oil, fry till temp reaches about 360 degrees
Spoon in dough into  piping bag, place a star tip on the end before piping
squeeze a 4 inch strip,fry until golden brown,remove from pan, and dry on paper towel
roll in sugar and cinnamon. Eat and enjoy!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Darleen's "Bucket List"

Recently I shared about the experience of being able to cross something off my personal Disney "Bucket List" by attending the "Scent Seminar" during the Food & Wine Festival. If I described someone that lived within a two hours drive of WDW, had been a passholder for 20 plus years, had made two visits to Disneyland (one at the holidays), took two Disney cruises and was privileged to count some cast members as close friends, would you think that person still had a Disney related "bucket list"? Well, I just described myself, and believe it or not, yes, I still have an extensive Disney "Bucket List"! There are just so many things to see and do at Disney, and things are always being added and changed so that every visit there are new and different things to experience; even for those of us who are "veterans" and have visited numerous times. So, here it is, my Disney "Bucket List":

Attend Party for the Senses during Food & Wine
Dinner in an attraction ie: The Great Movie Ride etc (Sometimes offered by Tables in Wonderland or D23 special events)
Stay in Cinderella Castle Suite
Dinner at the Chef's table in Victoria & Albert's
Take a VIP tour
Do the Wild Africa trek tour at AK
Stay at Bay Lake Tower
Stay concierge with a Platinum package at Animal Kingdom Lodge and take the Sunrise Safari
Go on an Illuminations Fireworks Cruise
Attend Backyard BBQ & Aloha Luau dinner shows at WDW
Attend the taping of the Christmas Parade
See Cirque Du Soleil show
Ride Haunted Mansion at midnight
Attend MNSSHP  (DONE September 2013)
Run the Princess Half Marathon
Experience as many of the "limited time" events offered in 2013 as possible
Visit the Walt Disney Familly Museum

Tour Walt Disney Studios
See Walt's apartment in Disneyland
Eat in Club 33
Vacation at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii

See Disneyland Paris Toyko, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc
Take a Disney Trans Atlantic crossing cruise
Take the Disney Alaska cruise
Take any Adventures by Disney trip

Obviously some things on my list are more attainable than others for various reasons, but all are things I would absolutely love to experience. The list is always growing and changing as I am able to cross things off of it and as things are added and changed (or eliminated :(  ) at the parks and elsewhere within the Disney "family" of experiences. I'd love to hear what is on your Disney "Bucket List"! (Hopefully I'll find several things I can add to mine! :)  )

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who's Who Wednesday: Milo James Thatch

Who’s Who: Milo James Thatch
Can you guess which movie this character is from?

Here is a few hints:
Milo is a cartographer who studies maps.
Milo is a linguist so he studies languages.
Milo has a friend named Kida.
Milo is searching for the lost city of _____.

If you guessed Atlantis: The Lost Empire you’d be right!

 Image Credit: Rottentomatoes

A little lesser known and underrated movie produced by Walt Disney Studios in 2001, Atlantis tells the tale of an adventurous crew in search of the lost city of Atlantis. Milo himself is the one who discovers The Shepherd’s Journal which supposedly contains a map to the city. But being the awkward and overly-excited genius that he is, nobody will take Milo’s discovery seriously until a family friend gives him a go on his expedition. Milo is paired up with a couple of quirky characters to travel through the treacherous waters and dark caves of the ocean to find what he’s dreamed of discovering. 

Milo, voiced by Michael J. Fox, is characterized as a socially awkward, intelligent, eager, and yet timid student-like character. He wears large round spectacles and often very studious clothes such as vests and bowties to the museum and classes as he is also a professor of archaeology. He was raised by his grandfather, Thaddeus who induced his love for Atlantis. 

 Image Credit:

Milo is characterized as a weaker character, with Disney portraying his intelligence over physical strength, but when plans to find Atlantis start to go awry and his friends are threatened, Milo turns into the strong and courageous hero, willing to do anything to protect his friends and his dream of Atlantis.
Atlantis has turned into a cult favorite with Disney fans but the movie has not appeared anywhere within the parks after its original opening. However, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is due out on Blu-Ray March of this year. So if you haven’t seen the movie, be sure to pick it up!
Image Credit: IMDB