Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disneyland vs. WDW Rides, Whats Missing, Part 1

So the Phillips Family is getting ready for our first Disney World vacation in 106 days, yes I have the countdown on my IPhone and just ordered the blocks from Etsy!  So what that means for us is research!  I have discovered there are some differences in The Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, mostly some missing rides that we are used to at Disneyland and California Adventures so Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will all be fairly new experiences for us!  I wanted to talk a bit about some of the rides that have always been so magical to me that are not at Disney World. 

Matterhorn Bobsleds- The Matterhorn is one of the most iconic rides at Disneyland, I remember seeing Mickey climb the Matterhorn when I was little and how excited I was.  One of my oldest son’s favorite bit of trivia is that if you wait in the left line for the Matterhorn your ride will be thirty seconds quicker and has tighter turns than on the right side line!  (Also, they have a hidden half basketball court in the Matterhorn for the employees!)  The Matterhorn is one of the first things you see when you drive to Disneyland.  ” Brace against the howling winds as you climb 80 feet into the air inside an icy cave. Take in the sweeping view at the summit and hang on, because the only way off this mountain is down! Careen around corners, plunge into shadowy caves, weave around mysteriously glowing ice crystals and splashdown in an alpine lake.  But the real peril is not the snow or sleet. Prepare to come face-to-fang with the mountain's growling monster!”  One of my favorite things about the Matterhorn is that the height requirement is 42” so it is one of the first rides out of Fantasy land that our family can ride on all together!! 


 Storybook Land Canal Boats


Absolutely one of my favorite rides ever!  You get onto a boat that could be named “Aurora” or “Belle” or many other character names and  enter into the canals through Monstro's mouth, luckily he has sneezed off his tail so you are then taken around to see miniatures of different houses of different characters.  There is the town of Agraba, Cinderella’s castle and, if you look closely, you will see her carriage turning back into a pumpkin on the way down from the castle.  There is Alice’s cottage and the rabbit hole, along with the seven dwarf’s cottage and you can hear them singing from the mine!  I love to go on at night because all the lights are turned on and when you go under the same arches that Jasmine and Aladdin went under and hear the music you literally feel like you are floating!  One of the funniest things is when you are passing through “London” and see the statue of Peter Pan, there are ducks that live in the Canal that have decided to nap by the statue and look like monster ducks taking over London!  We always have a good laugh at that! Oh and make sure to let your kiddo's ask if they can be whale watchers and ride in the front of the boat!!


 Alice in Wonderland (the dark ride)


Alice is one of my all-time favorites; I know I could say that about all!!  But I can’t wait to ride this one every time!  One of our favorite parts is finding the hidden Mickey’s in the paint that the cards are using to paint the roses red!  The ride is meant to be from Alice’s perspective going through Wonderland but it confused people in the beginning so Walt Disney added Alice in one scene. If you aren’t looking for her, you will miss her!  You fall down the rabbit hole and follow him through all his adventures.  One of the best parts is when the ride takes the track out of the dark and into Disneyland, if you time it just right, when a parade is going by, you have the best seat in the park!  The ride ends with a bang and a very Merry Unbirthday cake explosion!  You can fit a family of five, well two adults and three children on this ride, so it is perfect for us to ride as a whole family!! 

 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride


Mr. Toad takes you on a crazy, rocky and WILD ride and my kiddo’s favorite part is always saying that they went to “hell!”  I know, it is not the best thing to be proud of but it makes me laugh every time!  You ride this ride as Mr. Toad and go on a crazy adventure through town and go to jail but escape only to be hit by a train and sent to the hot place!  It is fun for the little ones who may not be old enough to drive on Autotopia to pretend to drive because there is a steering wheel for them to move around. 

 King Arthur Carousel


Beautiful Carousel!  It has pictures of scenes from Sleeping Beauty under the canopy and plays different Disney music the whole time!  There are galloping horses and all white.  It is smack center of Fantasyland and always a favorite of my kiddos.

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