Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Day at Disneyland!

In 2009 my hubby joined the military, in August he left for basic training and was able to come home for Christmas.  We wanted to make that Christmas extra special so what else other then our first visit to Disneyland on Christmas day!!  We left early Christmas Eve, after leaving our reindeer food out and cookies for Santa!  We were there for the rope drop, of course, and the park was extra goregous and special!  We took off to our first ride, which is always Pirates of the Carribean and then right after that was the Haunted Mansion!  We had never been there for the holidays before this and were in amazement!!  The overlay was terrific!!  Jack had certainly been busy!  The inside was completely changed into The Nightmare before Christmas, the ballroom smelt of gingerbread and made me want to jump in it's monster mouth and eat it!  Next we were off to It's a Small World. Oh the beauty! 

It is so special, the little touches that Disney takes to make things pop!! 

We even got the chance to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus after his long night of work!  Did you know Santa goes to Disneyland to relax after a night of deliveries?   His reindeer are there also!! 

The one thing we kept asking ourselves was "Where are all the people?"  I mean it was Christmas day at Disney, I had heard it would either be super busy or very quiet, so I thought maybe we were lucky!  When nighttime hit, so did the crowds!  We took a little time and went to California Adventures, which was also very nicely decorated but our favorite part was the California letters(which are no longer there) that were between the two parks that had been decorated!

When we made our way back to wait for the snow at 7, it was starting to get very crowded but I would haven't missed the snow for anything.  It had a special smell and I hear this year it smells of cinnamon!!  My kiddos loved playing and running around in it, especially since two of them had never seen snow before.

From that point on it was literally wall to wall people waiting for the fireworks. We rode more rides and watched the fireworks from our hotel.  While it was more crowded then I had ever seen, I wouldn't change one thing about that Christmas.  It was the most magical and beautiful day at Disney and I highly recommend you take a visit to Disneyland at the holiday time of year!! 


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  1. Sounds like a magical day! -Bobbie