Thursday, December 20, 2012


  Before I start let me say I know most people would say "forget Avatar gives us Beastly Kingdom", and I'd have to say I agree with that, but since that's not gonna happen lets focus the positives of "Avatarland".
  So lately, mostly because of the dragon that flew around at the New Fantasyland opening that many thought would be used at Animal Kingdom, I've been thinking about "Avatarland" and why I'm excited for it. Did I see Avatar? Yes. Did I like it? Yes. Did I think it was the best movie ever? No. Do I really remember what happened in the movie? Not really, I think it was kinda Pocahontas in space. What I do remember is the beautiful and stunning scenery and environments from the film, and that I thought it be a really cool place to go.
  Now granted it's going to be at Animal Kingdom and stunning environments aren't animals, but one of the big things about AK is the environment that is all around and that the animals live in. There was so many places represented in Avatar that if they could recreate it would be amazing, unlike anything we've seen, partly because it is based on an alien world after all. I don't remember many creatures in Avatar but one could imagine some of the fascinating species that could be seen and learned about. Since it is an alien planet I'd think anything the Imagineers could come up with would be fair game. Let's not forget the great attractions that could come with all the different places and animals, some great E-ticket ones for sure!
  All and all I think AK really needs something big and if they focus on the animals and environments of the world of Avatar, and not so much the story, which lets face most people don't remember, I think this could be really amazing and definitely make AK a full day park and maybe more. So what are you thoughts? Are you excited by what could be in Avatarland or would you rather it not happen at all? Let us know in the comments below or on the Addicted To Mickey Facebook page. As always have a Magical day and see you real soon!

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