Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why I love Walt Disney World, by Adam

  We all know about the rides, shows, food and more at Walt Disney World, and no doubt have favorites. I definitely have ones that I love and do every time, but they are not why I love Disney World and keep going back time after time.
  What I really love is the quality family time we have and the memories we make while there. That's not to say that I don't love riding Space Mountain, or watching Wishes, or eating a Mickey Pretzel or meeting Mickey Mouse, which I do. In fact, one of my best memories was when my son saw Mickey for the time. The first time we went to Disney World was just before my son turned two, and everyone told us that he was gonna be afraid of Mickey, they couldn't have been more wrong. Mickey was still back in Mickey's Toon Town the first time we saw him, it was still about the same setup they have now at the Town Square Theater, you wait in line then they take a small group at a time in a room to meet Mickey and Minnie. One difference was that in Toon Town from now is, when they took you in the room you could see Mickey right away as opposed to have to go around the wardrobe cabinet, hence keeping Mickey out of sight. So, as we entered the room, my son saw Mickey right away and started to yell. Not "I'm scared, get me out of here" yell, but "I wanna see Mickey, get out of my way". At this time he wasn't really walking yet so my wife was carrying him and he almost pushed out of her arms. Finally, it was our turn and my wife put my son down and he started to crawl over to Mickey. He turned back to look at us, I think to make sure it was ok, then continued on and then Mickey got down on the ground with my son, which was great. We then got our pictures and it was time to go. Needless to say, my son did not want to leave.
  I have to say, that was one of my favorite memories from Disney World, but most certainly not the only one. I also loved the time we were watching Wishes and my son, in a stroller, reached over and grabbed my hand then reached up and grabbed my wife's hand, so we could all watch together. It was really sweet and he was only 2 at the time so it got my wife crying some happy tears, because he wanted us both near him.
  All the great memories I've made, and will make, are why I love Disney World. So do you have any great memories from Disney World? Why do you love going to Disney World? Let us know in comments below or over on the Addicted to Mickey Facebook page. As always have a Magical day and see you real soon!

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