Monday, November 5, 2012

**Spoiler Alert** Frankenweenie Movie Review

After our visit with the Mouse for MNSSHP , the next morning we went to the AMC theatre in Downtown Disney to see "Frankenweenie". The place is awesome, the choices for food were too many to count, and the drinks consisted of a drink station you could have vanilla root beer, orange slice, or whatever you wanted. On to the movie. We chose to see this movie in 3-D. I have seen other movies in my town in 3-D, and they weren't the 3 D I am used to in Disney. This movie was real 3D! The movie starts of with the usual dark black and white from Tim Burton. It had a Halloween effect to it and was stop motion, which made it even better. Basically it goes on to tell the story of a boy, Victor, and his dog, Sparky. Victor is a young scientist type, and loves making things, including movies. If you've ever lost a dog, make sure to have tissues handy!! I sat and bawled like a baby!!! Victor's new science teacher showed the kids that even in death, the animals can still live by attaching the animal to an electric current. Well, Victor takes that to the next level, digs up the dog, and a true Frankenstein moment happens! The bully kid in school asks Victor to show him what happened, and before you know it, all the kids in class are digging up their pets. Something goes wrong in the experiment and they all turn into mutants that ravage the town, and make a mess of everything! Before you know it, the town is a mess, the mayor is not happy and his niece is taken to the top of the town's windmill. Victor goes to save her form her mutant batcat, and is thrown into the bottom of the place but Sparky comes into save the day. He drags Victor out just in the nick of time from certain death, then goes back in. The place is on fire and the building collapses with Sparky in it. There is nothing left for Victor to do but watch in horror, for the second time as his beloved Sparky dies. I am not gonna give away the ending, it was a really good movie. I cried, so much I had to collect myself before we could leave. The movie makes for a great family fun day at the movies and it was a really great film, and one of Tim Burton's best. Just be prepared for a tear jerker.

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