Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney in the Aloha state!!

When my husband joined the Army in August of 2009 we were very excited for the new adventures that we would be encountering and couldn't wait to see where we would be stationed. My oldest son, who was 8 at the time, kept saying he wanted Hawaii, I told him we would end up somewhere very cold or very hot most likely!  Well in December of 2009 my husband called and said "we are off to Hawaii!"  Everyone was so excited for us, as was I but my first thought was, it is so far from all things Disney!  I started to research and found that Disney on Ice never comes to Oahu, which is what always keeps us from going through withdrawals in between Disney vacations, but there is a Disney store!    Well Mickey must have heard my cries because the summer after we moved here, they started to build the Disney resort Aulani!  It took about a year and half for the hotel to be built. it is located in KoOlina.  Aulani is surrounded by 4 lagoons that are the calmest waters on Oahu, has the bluest water and most beautiful sand.  They built Aulani with the true Disney spirit but added real Hawaiian details.  For instance, instead of looking for hidden Mickey's you are on the look out for Menahue's!  The hotel is gorgeous, of course, and there are plenty of activities for the kiddos.  They have movie nights outside where they play a Disney movie on a big screen and they tell stories of Hawaiian culture.  There is a lazy river and a couple of pools, one area is full of water slides.  Also, there is a place to snorkel with local fishes!  I had planned on going to Disneyland for my birthday this year in October, but since we are moving so soon and there is a lot to do and we are starting Disney World adventures in March I decided to not go.  But I needed a Disney fix so I told my husband all I wanted for my birthday was to go to the character breakfast at Aulani!  I called a month in advance to make reservations but in order to make them that early in advance you must be staying there and have reservations but the wonderful cast member told me to call the day before and they could most likely get me in.  So, the day before my birthday I called Aulani and they said they were full:(  But to call back the next day and I could get on the wait list, I was so sad.  Well the next day, my birthday, I woke up and called and they said they were full but I could get in for sure the next day, I told the guy he had made me birthday and he asked me to hold on, when he came back on he asked if we could be there at 10:45 that day and I said oh yes!!  As usual, Disney comes through again!  The character breakfast at Aualni is called Aunty's Breakfast Celebration at the Makahiki. It is hosted by Aunty, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.  When you first check in to the restaurant you are taken to have you picture made with Mickey and then to your seats.  The hostess tells you a bit about the decor, which is made from coconuts, inside and out!  The food is amazing with a mixture of Disney breafast favorites(Mickey waffles), Island favorites (Loco Moco) and regular breakfast items.  Aunty sings songs and hosts parades and fun songs in front of the restaurant while Goofy and Minnie come around for pictures and to play with you at the table!  They actually had the entire restaurant sing Happy Birthday to me and taught us some local songs!  Goofy was as silly as ever and Minnie was as sweet as I have ever seen her!!  We have been to every Character meal in Disneyland and I would have to rate Aunty's one of my favorites ever!! 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! I am so happy all your birthday wishes came true!
    -BFF Bobbie