Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who's Who Wednesday: Chip 'n' Dale

Warming our hearts and making us all say “awww”, Chip and Dale made their debut in the cartoon Private Pluto in 1943. These two mischievous chipmunks have been two ornery woodland creatures from the beginning. While the two critters are known well in the Disney community, Chip and Dale actually didn’t get their names until the cartoon Chip an’ Dale, in 1947. In this episode, they became antagonists of Donald Duck. 

Their love of messing around and playing practical jokes on other Disney characters is the main plot during most of their appearances. But do you know which is which? They are separated by their iconic noses! Chip has a black nose while Dale has a big red nose! Dale also has a gap in his front teeth. Despite their similar appearance, they have their own personalities. Chip is generally smarter , energetic, and cunning while Dale is a bit dim-witted but funny.  The chipmunks are usually seen in Donald Duck and Pluto cartoons, but in 1989, they snagged their own television show, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers! Here they open up their own detective agency with their friends. While the two could be mistaken for brothers they are actually best friends with the goal of collecting as many acorns and nuts as possible. They are chipmunks after all! 


While the two work together most of the time, there is one thing that has torn them apart in the past: Love! They have been known to fight over the chipmunk, Clarice, who works at the Acorn Club. Chip and Dale are easy to find in Walt Disney world, often roaming the parks and meeting and greeting park guests. You can also find them in many of the Walt Disney World parade, shows, and character meals.  These two are super fun characters who will for sure put a smile on your face when you meet them.

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  1. LOVE them....and they always interact in such a fun way with anyone who "meets and greets" with them.