Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who's Who Wednesday: Dory

Just keep swimming..Just keep swimming...You know her,and can't help but love that little blue fish, but do you know the specifics of Dory?
 Dory is a Pacific Regal Blue Tang from the Great Barrier Reef. She is very sociable, befriends the sharks, can speak whale and even read! Did you know the original Dory was written to be a male part? Yup, the writer was writing the character of Dory as his wife was watching Ellen on tv when she commented that Ellen DeGeneres had the perfect voice for Dory.

 The sad part about Dory is that she suffers from short term memory loss, but has lots of trust in others because of it. Did you know Dory has been in several cameos or "Easter Eggs"? She appears in an underwater scene in the Incredibles and also in Darkwing Duck.

 Dory is my personal favorite. She is full of optimism and spunk, and always sees the glass half full.
Dory made her debut in theatres in Finding Nemo on August 1,2003 and will appear in the 3D version in theaters this week!

 If you get the chance to visit the new Art of Animation resort, make sure to go in the Nemo pool. Underwater, you will get to hear Dory talking. It is really cool how they pumped up the noises and can only hear it underwater!!

 Don't miss Finding Nemo 2, said to debut in 2016, because Dory is included in this sequel.

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