Monday, September 10, 2012

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: Ride Review

Mr. Ray: Oh, let's name the species, the species, the species. Let's name the specie that live in the sea!

That’s right folks, we’re taking an adventure on the East Australian Current with Nemo, Dory, and all their friends on The Seas with Nemo and Friends! Take a right when you enter Epcot bright and early and you’ll find yourself in Futureworld where Soarin’, Living with the Land, and Nemo await!  You’re drawn in by the beautiful and colorful wall of fish that leads you into the Seas. The queue to the ride is strangely longer than you would expect, but walk past the well-created beachy decorations and you will eventually find yourself maneuvering through more walkways that make you feel like you’re really under the sea!
The cool and dark queue is perfect for hot guests to cool off while waiting for their adventure. Eventually you will make it to the ride where you hop into your moving “clamobiles”. Seating 2-3 people, this is a great ride for kids. Slow-moving and appealing to the eye, you move through short scenes where Nemo is once again lost and Dory and Marlin must find him. Using television screens, as well as real-life mechanics, kids (and adults!) will be surprised at the realness of the ride and the seamless combination of graphics and real 3D objects. One of the coolest parts of the ride is Dory and Marlin’s frolick through Jellyfish territory where simulated jellyfish bounce around you! Bruce and friends do appear, and like the movie, they do tend to forget that fish are really friends, not food!  Dory and Marlin get into a little trouble with Bruce and some other dastardly fish, but things start looking up when they meet up with Crush and his son Squirt. Using a circular television screen that encases the attraction (think of the end of Space Ranger Spin when you’re hurling through space!) you feel like you’re swimming at super speed through the EAC. But no worries, in the end Dory and Marlin find Nemo and they live happily ever after!
At the end of the ride you are moved past a large aquarium where guests will enjoy pointing out all the cool fish that are swimming about, and keep your eyes peeled, you might spot Dory and Marlin there too! The Seas with Nemo and Friends also includes a large structure filled with aquariums that guests may explore after exiting the ride. Shows and exhibits allow guests to learn more about the underwater world!
The line for Nemo can be a bit on the long side, but Fastpasses were just recently installed for the ride, so grab yourself a FP and make sure to come back and check out The Seas with Nemo and Friends!

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