Monday, September 3, 2012

Port Orleans French Quarter Review

  Located on the Sassagoula River in the Downtown Disney area is Port Orleans French Quarter, one of 5 moderate resorts at Walt Disney World. It is the smallest of the Disney World resorts, which means quieter, and less crowded, and easier to get around. The theming of the resort if just like the name states, the French Quarter of New Orleans. Having visited New Orleans before, I would say it's a very good representation of the real thing, though cleaner and less people. One thing I really loved was how the walkways were like real streets, with sidewalks, light posts and street signs.
Head on down to the river.

One of seven buildings, broken up between the South Quarter
and the North Quarter.

  The rooms are your standard Disney moderate rooms. I wasn't overly impressed with theming in the rooms, but they were clean, comfortable and included a mini-fridge. One thing that was different about the room we were in, and something I haven't noticed before at any other resort, was that it had a door that was flush with walkways instead of angled like most, though that could have been because we were next to a handicap accessible room. I noticed a few other rooms like this as I walked around the resort, and I have to say it was nice to have the little bit of extra room, it helped keep our stroller out of the way.
Notice the first floor compared to the second floor.
  For dining options at this resort you have the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, which has pretty standard quick service food like you find at the other moderate resorts. There were a few specialty items though, including beignets, and jambalaya. If you want a table service type restaurant you can head over to Boatwright's at POFQ's sister resort, Port Orleans Riverside. It's a little bit of a walk or you can take boat up the river. You can also take this boat to Downtown Disney, which is a nice ride, and a welcome change from the buses that you have to take everywhere else. The pool, Doubloon Lagoon, isn't very big but it does have a slide, which is rather short but I found it nice with a small child because you can see them the whole time. If that isn't enough for you, you can head over to POR and use the pool there. There is also a jacuzzi available. Jackson Square is the store in the main lobby and it has everything from souvenirs to things you may have forgotten to bring on your trip. There is also an arcade for the older kids (or adults) and playground for the little ones.

  Another great thing about POFQ is all the other activities you can do. There is a marina where you can rent water crafts, they offer carriage rides, surrey bike rental (the big group bikes with the canopies on top), and cane pole fishing over at POR. So even though Port Orleans French Quarter is small there is still much to do, and if you're looking for something a little more intimate this is for you. I have to say, even though I stayed there a short time I enjoyed it and would stay again. So have you ever stayed here? If so would you again? As always have a Magical day and see you real soon!


  1. I have stayed there! And will be staying there again.. very soon. :)

  2. We love the POR and french Quarter- we alternate every trip. So peaceful.